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The best hair mask I have tried ! My hair both feels and looks healthier after. Ads shine and softens.
I’m usually not a big matrix girl but I love this mask. Really brings life back to my hair
AMAZING X 10! You get salon quality results in just minutes! I have thick, frizzy, curly hair that needs hydration and taming from time to time. My hair sucks this product up and is noticeably softer and smoother once it is dry. Since I have long, thick hair, I do wish that you could get a big bottle of it so then I can use as much product as I want and a bottle would last longer than little packets.
Lo súper recomiendo, en poco tiempo te mejora el cabello, más suave, sin puntas maltratadas, el costo el mexico es barato [product:matrix-miracle-creator-multi-tasking-hair-mask-box-of-10]
This mask is amazing!!!! Great to hydrate and repair hair most definitely. Treat your scalp and use this every few weeks
I use this once a month and feel like it’s a good boost to keep my color bright and hair silky and smooth
Great great great hair mask to make your hair shiny,gives your that moisture that all types of hair need.There is nothing I would improve about this project.Yes it is very very affordable.Makes your hair soft n silky. [product:total-results-miracle-creator-multi-tasking-hair-mask]
I don’t always think of this product when recommending hair masks but it really is a miracle creator!
This is an amazing conditioner that also smells fantastic. It leaves your hair feeling like silk!
I love love love this!! I need a lifetime supply of this!! It smells good. And when you apply this to your hair it’s like heaven! It makes my hair feel so smooth and silky. I would buy this again. I recommend you try this! [product:total-results-miracle-creator-multi-tasking-hair-mask]