12 Questions
anneliese D.
have you ever tried spinach dip on a bagelTostitos® Creamy Spinach Dip ?
Karlee A.
Everyone loves the spinach artichoke dips they serve as appetizers. I was wondering if anyone has a really good recipe or knows of a store brand that is just as good? I always want the dip but don’t want to go to BJ’s or Applebee’s. There’s got to be something similar I can eat a ton of at home!Tostitos® Creamy Spinach Dip tgi-fridays-game-day-3-pack-appetizer-variety-pack-with-spinach-&-artichoke-dip-bonless-chicken-bites-and-potato-skins-256-oz-box
Ally H.
Is this a good spinach dip?
Marianghelin V.
Would you actually recommend this? Is it spicy?
Juana O.
Is this dip any good? Is it salty?
Ryan A.
Got excited with the spinch dip . Is it really a bit sour? Thank you
Clarivic D.
—Have You Proved it?
Kayla D.
How good is the Tostitos spinach dip? I'm a really big fan of their queso, but have not tried this dip yet. Is it as good as the powder mix kinds?
Jenna R.
Does anyone know of any good receives that can be made with this type of dip? Or can it be mixed with a certain dish that gives it an extra oomf?
Liz M.
Is this good heated up, and chilled?