Tory Burch Essence of Dreams...
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Today I am reviewing a truly sublime perfume compliments of Tory Burch! The first of 5 varieties that I’ll be reviewing, the Sublime Rose eau de parfum comes from the “Essence of Dreams” collection of fragrances. The flacon is a simple statement piece that presents a clear transparent view into the perfume fluid within. On the face of the bottle is the Tory Burch emblem circled in a delicate shade of pink - a color that is evocative of the perfume’s floral heart. I remember reading about this new fragrance line in Vogue a few months back, having no idea that I would be given the opportunity to try it out so soon. This perfume is priced similarly to other high end fragrances, and Sublime Rose is worth every penny. Spraying this on was like an olfactory dream come true. It really does smell like a “dreamy” fragrance, befitting of the collection’s overall theme. You will truly feel like a pretty princess wearing this scent, because it smells so gentle and exquisitely feminine. At the top, we have the gorgeous notes of blackcurrant and rosewater, making for quite an alluring introduction. The rose heart is accented by the sweet scent of freesia, and the Dreamwood and patchouli base serves as the warm and woody compliment to this softness. Seldom do I find a fragrance that smells flawless throughout every level of the dry down. You will feel and smell exceptionally beautiful as you begin your enjoyment of the fragrance that will last throughout the day. What I love most about this perfume is that it doesn’t smell like a perfume. It smells like pure roses. It is everything you’ve ever dreamt of finding in the ultimate feminine fragrance - and more! Undeniably pure and refreshingly simple. I am giving this five big, glittering gold stars!