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Top Paw

Top Paw Disposable Diaper...
4 Reviews
3 / 5
Works good for a short period of time if dog is being supervised. I can't trust it on my dog when i leave the house or when we go to sleep. She wiggles out of it. It also needs more velcro so it cant be adjustable. That may prevent dog from getting it off.
4 / 5
Great product. Wish it was a little more adhesive, but good enough to get the job done. Work well with my dog.
5 / 5
My female dog used this while she was in heat before we spayed her. We let her go through 3 heats before we took her in, and these were so helpful and did their job most excellently! Very pleased and would tell anyone to use this brand.
5 / 5
My family has a 1 year old German Shepard and she started going into heat. My Dad doesn't want to get her spade yet with the off chance he may want to breed her. These work fantastic! My Dad bought the fabric diaper from Top Paws as well and we love both of the products. They really help with the small bleeding shes been having and she doesn't even notice shes wearing them!