These colors are beautiful. When applying does it go on smoothAre the colors just as nice onDoes it stick through out the day without fading. Does it make the eyes pop. Would you recommend this product? And is it reasonably priced? Would these colors go well with Blue eyes
Uniontown, PA - il y a un an

3 answers

This has medium, buildable pigment. It’s a powdery formula - if you have issues with fading you could have oily lids that break down the shadow. A primer will definitely help with that. This lasted roughly 7-8 hours
il y a 10 mois
I think it’s very pigmented and blends very well and it lasts well. I have blue eyes myself and I think it’s amazing I actually got mine as a present but I’d highly recommend.
il y a un an
I think they aren’t pigmented enough, but I love color. It’s great for a soft look, and beginners. Blue eyes would look great!
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