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Kimberly Q.
How good is this mascara?
Jasmine R.
I'm going to a pool party Saturday, any recommendations on makeup that's waterproof? Or that can withstand the heat, humidity, and chlorine?
Shayla S.
Opinions on this mascara? Does it hold lashes up well?
Kimberly M.
Can i swim for more than 3 hours with this product?
Julie B.
Is this better than the pink non-waterproof one?
Michelle B.
This is going to be a two part question. In August I am going to an outdoor wedding here in NYC so I will be dealing with heat and humidity. I need a mascara that won’t leave raccoon eyes at any price point as well as a setting spray, with that I would prefer something at a lower price because it’s not something I would use aside from this event and another wedding the following spring. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Phoenix H.
what is the best waterproof mascara? a lot of mascaras smudge on me :/
Sophia T.
Hey ! New user here follow for follow ??
What’s your favorite waterproof mascara?
Cristal L.
Does this mascara works?