I’m apart of this luxury group on Facebook and they rave about this but I wanna know how it smells and if it’s worth it?
Middletown, DE - il y a 3 mois

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I completely agree with the other comment. I received a small sample bottle and tried it for a few days. Considering it’s a Tom Ford, it’s one of their most expensive fragrances right now, and it’s an eau de parfum concentration, this thing does not last nearly as long as it should and it projects for maybe an hour or two. As for the scent itself, I actually liked it. The highlights are a cherry liqueur scent with a really nice almond accord. It does have a medicinal syrup vibe which is another reason why a lot of people don’t like this. For me personally, the scent would be pretty awesome if it lasted. I’ve payed full price for other Tom Ford fragrances, but would never pay it for this. Get a sample if you can before dropping money on this. Sorry for the long answer but I hope this helps!
il y a 2 mois
I’ve stayed away from it because I’ve heard the scent does not last on the skin
il y a 2 mois