273 Questions
Lizzie P.
What has been your favorite find at Tj Maxx so far???
Heather D.
Tj Maxx or Ross stores?
Danielle L.
■ Do you shop at Tj Maxx?
Karen W.
Can we get a "great fragrance I just found at TJ Maxx" going? I found a Mugler Flowerbomb limited edition version awhile back and was so happy!!
Ki S.
TJ Maxx or Marshall’s? Personally I’m a maxxinista!
Ashley N.
Anyone else prefer Tj Maxx over Target?
Angelina Z.
Tell me about your best find from this store🥰
Samantha S.
Can I return skincare products even it’s not used/open?
Melissa B.
Does your TJ Maxx have a good jewelry section? If so, which city? I am always on the hunt when I travel.
How much do you like TJ Maxx ?