Does Tiffany and co products have lifetime warranty?
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Tiffany & Co. like many luxury Brand’s don’t offer a definitive warranty like mass market Brand’s do. However the quality is superior and thus they stand behind their products. They have a great after sales approach to customer service and will handle repairs. Will the repairs cost? That depends situationally if it’s product fault or misuse, but generally jewelry products are sturdy enough that service requests are due to misuse. But again it’s situational. Leather products I could see being more prone to defects and thus they stand behind them, but it again comes to quality and quality control. I will give an example I had at Cartier, I bought some polarised sunglasses and the film on the lenses started peeling and flaking several months after purchase and the NYC location took the glasses, sent them to the factory in Italy, replaced the lenses and I had them back in 2 weeks without cost to myself. I would imagine it would be similar for Tiffany but maybe easier since many of their profits are made in the USA.
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I have tiffany jewelry that doesn't wear out a bit, it's one of the best brands. And as far as perfumes go, I would define it as a scent that will never go out of style
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I don't think so, the "if lost return to" chain is so tiny. Knock on wood mine hasn't broke yet but they've very thin and won't take much to break it....sad😢
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I do not believe they do! (Sadly)
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