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The Works Disinfectant Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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After hearing incredible things about The Works toilet bowl cleaner for years and years, I finally decided to pick up a bottle of it after having some hard water stains on my toilet bowl that I just couldn’t remove otherwise. When I first applied the product, I was really shocked at how watery this cleaner was. Most of the toilet bowl cleaners that I use seem to be much more of a gel, but this one had the consistency of water, and it did not stick to the sides of the toilet bowl at all. I found that to be odd, but I was still hopeful that this was a miracle product like I had heard it was from others. I let it sit on the toilet bowl for about 15 minutes, and when I went to clean it, all of the stains at the waterline of the toilet bowl were still there. It cleaned the rest of the toilet just fine, like any other toilet bowl cleaner would, but it didn’t do anything about the hard water stain at the waterline like I expected. It looks like people have complained on Influenster that this product has been reformulated, and it is nowhere near as good anymore. I unfortunately have found that to be the case. 
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
Melts the grime off. This is the cheapest toilet cleaner but the absolute best. Its often times SOLD out bc its so good.
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
The Works classic clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner does an Awesome job on stains.It really Brighteness your toilet up.Has a nice scent, nothing strong like some.It's decent priced to.A Bottle lasts awhile and can be found at Dollar tree to.That's a big plus.