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The Wet Brush Original Purple
The Wet Brush

The Wet Brush Original Purple


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Your hair NEEDS a WET brush.. a lot of things set a WET Brush apart from a regular brush. The padding is special and the bristles are flexible- this brush will detangle better but wont tear through your hair breaking it off. If you care about investing in products that will care to prevent breakage and support healthy hair grwth and healthy hair feel & look, this is going to be a superb choice! Ive found it makes a great gift too- look out for all of the new fun design and color releases WET Brush puts out all the time!

Product reviewed: The Wet Brush - Purple

I have been using wet brush for many many years now. I find that the brushes not only hold up very well, but also do wonder detangling my hair. My hair can at times be a tangled mess, but my wet brush never fails to work through them.

Product reviewed: The Wet Brush - Purple

The best brush! Saves my hair from breakage big time! It is so gentle and helps get all the tangles out of my hair without causing damage.

Product reviewed: The Wet Brush - Purple

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