26 Questions
Amanda P.
How does the flavor compare with other protein shakes? What are the nutritional values?
Kat J.
Is the texture of this very grainy? What flavor do you like best?
Miranda G.
Has anyone tried this as more than just a one time sample?? Like used it long term for weight loss? I also got a sample a while ago and i want to try something thats not a mlm like plexus thrive it works... All that stuff is a scam in my eyes but wondering if anyone has had actual results with this?
Has anyone tired adding ice and putting it in the blender?
Bridgette H.
For someone with moderate activity but generally bad health, would this be a good addition to a healthier lifestyle? What is so good about it?
Isis B.
amanda G.
Do these shakes act as a meal replacement or just a snack? And how expensive are they?
Shawna F.
I've been on a health kick lately and I have been looking for something to support me in my weight loss- does this really fill you up, like could I use this as a meal replacement? And is anyone seeing changes or weight loss from drinking on an on going basis?
Veronica G.
Rebekah D.
Has anyone had issues with the Shake bottle smelling badly? I have washed it over and over and it still smells like mold or sour milk.