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The Saints Row: The Third

The Saints Row: The Third


4.4 out of 5 stars
  • 5 Stars66%
  • 4 Stars20%
  • 3 Stars7%
  • 2 Stars5%
  • 1 Star2%
4.44 / 5 based on 241 Reviews

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The Saints Row: The Third
The Saints Row: The Third
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  • "This game is similar to the grand theft auto series, but Saints Row: The Third goes all the way with humor and mature content." in 28 reviews
  • "In the saints row the third you can do EVERYTHING from racing to running infront of cars to get hit for insurance money to beating enemies with huge dildos (its really funny actually) it has a great story line & i love all the different things you can do with it." in 13 reviews
  • "The graphics are great and the co-op is so much fun to play your story with another person (Xbox 360)!" in 11 reviews
  • "A painfully obvious parody of Grand Theft Auto and similar, open world, third person, action-adventure series, this game is full of pointless violence and vapid humor." in 8 reviews
  • "The variety of the missions keeps the game from feeling repetitive, and even the side missions such as the assassinations are different enough from each other to prevent me from being bored." in 6 reviews
Kristina T.
143 reviews
i like this game. it does have some hard spots but eventually youll get through the tasks. i wish the main character was ambiguous meaning they designed the game to be played as male. if i want to play as a female character nothing changes in the story. overall it a pretty fun game.
Brandon B.
Clarkston, MI
12 reviews
I'm going to start my review by saying that for about a year, this was my favorite game on the 360. SRtT took what I loved about the first two Saints Row games and made it completely over the top! While the first two had a little bit more of a serious tone, this game threw that out the window and packed as many giant dildos, mascots, zombies, celebrities, luchadores and cyber shenanigans as they could in the game, and it's definitely all the better for it! I logged a good 50-60 hours into this game, between the main story, side quests, collectibles, customization options for your character and cars and just going around killing people, and I don't think I was bored for even a second. That said, this isn't a perfect game. I don't have too many complaints with the game, but one glaring one is that they took out some of the customization options from the second game. In SR2, you could customize boats, helicopters and even your various houses. Those options have been completely stripped from SRtT. Some would argue that the game makes up for it with all the customization options for cars, motorcycles and (arguably most important) your character, but it really bummed me out that I couldn't pack my house full of stripper poles and beds that put Olympic sized swimming pools to shame. Other than that, and a few minor glitches that have probably been patched by now, I love this game with a passion! From it's controls to the graphics to the story and especially the crude sense of humor, it's as close to perfect as one can get, in my not-so-humble opinion.
Nicholas T.
Brockton, MA
10 reviews
Let me start with what this game did right.
A third person city-based crime game sits in a genre dominated by Grand Theft Auto. Volition successfully noticed this and made SR3 wildly different from the GTA franchise. It's fun, action-packed and brutally crazy. All these things culminate to form a great multiplayer experience, and a great game to laugh about with your friends.
So why was I disappointed? Because Saints Row 1 and 2 were so much more. They had ELEMENTS of craziness, but the story kept an undertone of seriousness and intensity, with a roller coaster of drama and gang mishaps. The story really was emotional. SR3 completely scrapped any pretense of seriousness, and through the story arc out the window. We only see the return of Gat, Pierce and Shaundi, and Gat dies. Really?
No other characters from the other games are seen. The storylines involving your former gang members remain unresolved, and the continuation is kind of just awkward. I'm supposed to just believe that the Saints simply became a corporate success? And that Shaundi went from the multidimentional cool and ambitious, but actually nervous underneath character, to some simple 'bad ass chick'?
It's just silly. The whole game was silly. People will argue that it was meant to be all silly, but if Volition kept with the mostly serious attitude they applied to the previous installments, they could have had a SERIOUS competitor to Grand Theft Auto.
Kristen N.
41 reviews
Goodness this game is just so fun! I love the story so much and I love creating my own character. It's hilarious on so many levels and I have played it just about ten times because I love it so much. Of course, the humour is not for everyone, but, that just makes it a little more unique.
Rhyan S.
San Jose, CA
9 reviews
Saints Row The Third is the latest addition to the Saints Row franchise. With the insanity presented in the previous games, Volition adds to its recipe of ridiculousness.

Continuing where the previous game left off, Saints Row The Third begins with the player creating a similar or new look for their character, proceeding through the ever-evolving storyline. We run into familiar characters, and even face a shocking moment within minutes of starting the game. The insanity begins immediately, pitting the player in a combination of a heist/airplane/parachute action sequence.

A welcome addition to the insane gameplay and story of Saints Row is zombies. A section of the game has you fighting the undead, which seems to be a favorite amongst gamers and non-gamers alike. This just adds on to the relevance of all the pop culture goodness that Saints Row is chock-full of.

Overall, Saints Row The Third is an insanely fun playground where the player can do so much destruction and ridiculousness with little to no punishment. The player isn't forced to play the story missions, but those are just as fun as running around with a rocket launcher, or driving around like a madman.
Jackie L.
27 reviews
Way more fun than the Grand Theft Auto series. This sandbox games is even better due to lots of over-the-top humour and violence, a funky and colourful visual aesthetic and variety of unlocks make this game almost always a joy to play. The in-game city is pretty enough to be enjoyable to commute through, but the graphics don't require a set-up akin to what Crysis did back in 2007. However, some of the side quests are punishingly difficult, almost impossible without a co-op partner--which can be hard to find, do to imbalance (there's not a lot of incentive, other than philanthropic, to re-play a frustrating quest with another user). The game can definitely continue to be enjoyable for multiple play-throughs, but eventually there will be a point when you'll have to ask: 'What's next?' The lack of an online multi-player mode cuts the game's life span, and let's just say that Ubisoft's DLC is less than satiating (a lot of it--paid for--is just costume packs). Fortunately, since the beginning of SR3's release, the fourth instalment of the game has been on the horizon, and teased to be even more engrossingly ridiculous. But for now, this game is still one of the biggest stand-alone blasts out there.
8 reviews
Saints Row the Third is a third person shooter. It's very affordable. You get to roam freely, where you are the kingpin of Steelport. You can take over more areas as you drive further into the game with your gang, the Saints. You can pimp out your character, cars, clothes, and your gang. Saints Row the Third can become addictive and great fun. Plenty of weaponry. The graphics are cool. Vehicle types include exotic street cars, motorcycles, jets, and tanks, too. You will also have more than enough money to play with, and a huge selection of cars. If you love changing up your style you'll love Saints Row the Third.
Marcelle J.
Sault Sainte Marie, MI
68 reviews
I cant even begin to describe how awesome this game is. I completely skipped over the first two and picked this off my brothers shelf expecting some grand theft auto play-a-like. Wrong. So much fun. It makes fun of many movies, games and real world situations using irony and satire. Its ridiculously over the top which makes it that much more fun to play. The storyline is your basic saints game- take over the city by taking out the other gangs and letting them know you run the city. There are so many side games and missions to play that really help you get a feel for the whole experience and bring more to the gaming experience. I guess theirs a multiplayer mode where you can play with friends- I haven't tried that. I think it would be annoying but hey to each their own.

I found that once I had beat the game it was quite glitchy. I was unable to beat it 100% because every time I would accomplish and save, I would reset the game to see it hadn't saved anything since i beat the game.

This game is so fun! And pretty easy.. I hate racing games. This one has some racing but its well incorporated and the cars are manageable so its not too bad!
Chris B.
Eden Prairie, MN
11 reviews
This game is very fun and has endless options of destruction. Although that can also be a con. As much as there is to do in this game, it can be very easy to get lost in it all. Sure, bashing innocent civilians with a huge d!ldo is fun, but remember there is also a campaign to complete. The campaign in this game is very entertaining and will always keep you on your toes. For the first time, i actually like the songs in this game. The ability to customize cars have a gang is basically the only difference between this and Grand Theft Auto 4, but boy is it an amazing difference. Being able to run around in a customized car full of ninjas is easily one of my favorite parts about this game. Another thing that this game has going for it is Horde mode, where you basically kill an array of mascots, hookers, and roided out freaks with big guns.
Courtney P.
Beaverton, OR
12 reviews
I don't think I've ever laughed so much while playing a video game.

To be fair, this is my introduction to the Saints Row franchise. I have not played any of the previous ones, and I have heard that III is more difficult to enjoy if you are a fan of the previous two. But I am NOT, and so I can wholeheartedly say that this is just pure fun through and through.

I'm not a fan of FPS games, and have never been much into Grand Theft Auto, so whatever this game does differently, it does well. The variety of the missions keeps the game from feeling repetitive, and even the side missions such as the assassinations are different enough from each other to prevent me from being bored. I like that the landscape and scenery changes throughout the storyline depending on which choices you make in the game.

I also have to mention that this is the most fun drunk game ever. It was made for drunk gaming, particularly with friends. I've laughed so hard I've almost peed. I've put over fifty hours into the game so far, and look forward to even more.
Amanda P.
Utica, NY
86 reviews
Jennifer S.
Albany, GA
15 reviews
Is there anything you don't like about Saints Row?
Jesus R.
San Elizario, TX
91 reviews
Who else thinks this game was kind off of Grand Theft Auto?
Nikiah G.
Houston , TX
68 reviews
Has anyone played the new saints row? if so how is it? do u recommend?
Jon F.
Milwaukee, WI
18 reviews
Did anyone else get this free download on XBOX and think this game was such a joke?

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