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The Ordinary

The Ordinary The Daily Set
216 Reviews
I was looking for an inexpensive daily skin product and this one was it! I was getting breakouts and dry skin prior to using this and has really helped my skin.
Bought this a while ago, first real skincare products I bought and will not be going back. Really good product. Hyaluronic acid serum is an incredible product! Highly recommend
Liked it a alot!! Works best with my skin! Haven’t found another product that helps with dry skin like the ordinary!!!!!
The set saves you money then buying each of these separately. I love that the products doesn’t have much of a scent. You feel the results automatically. And you can see small changes in your skin just after a week of using it CONSISTENTLY meaning day and night!!
This company is my hero! I have always felt SO lost when it comes to skincare! I spend as much money as I can justify that day on the hopes that whatever promises the magic serums promote will work. Rarely do. Well thanks to Tik Tok and my teen daughter I heard about their peeling serum. While at the website…go now if you haven’t seen it….I fell in love with the brand! There aren’t any false promises of use this for so many weeks you will be such and such… It is simple. INGREDIENT——what it is supposed to help you treat. No pie in the sky promise of results. From this website I actually leaned that a lot of my expensive products had less important active ingredients than some less expensive options. Also that I had been combining ingredients that cancelled one another! Using things I didn’t need and not using the things I needed. I will be forever grateful that the ordinary taught me HOW to take care of my skin vs selling me a pitch! The Ordinary is the most in ordinary company I have ever seen! Start with this kit and check out their serums for your individual needs!
best skincare kit/set that i have ever tried. It is amazing for my skin and leaves it refreshed and hydrated. I recommend especially cause of how cheap it is!
This is such a great set! I got it off of the flip app and I am so happy with it. My skin is super soft and hydrated now. The serum is soooo nice on the skin! The moisturizer kind of burns for a second but it works wonders for the skin. Amazing.
This brand has been wonderful for my skin! I have fair , sensitive and acne prone skin. These products are gentle and highly affective , they cleared up my face and have given it a nice healthy glow.
One of my favorite brands for sure. This line had many products I use, love this because I have sensitive skin and all these products seem to work for me and my akin type. The face wash makes my skin so soft and touchable and the hyaluronic acid helps with moisture a d sealing it in the with moisturizer is chefs kiss!
The Ordinary is a budget brand, famous for creating accessible products. Their products contain active specific and are designed to treat problems punctual. As a brand we are invited to study each asset and choose those that suit our needs