37 Questions
Emma I.
Is this worth it for dewy natural makeup?? Is it actually that hydrating? Also, is it water or silicon based?
Mia P.
Is this really good for your skin?
Izzy P.
Is this good and what does it do for the skin?
Tea A.
Has anyone with dry skin ever used this?
Jessica C.
Does this go on before your moisturizer or after?
Kimberley H.
is this good for oily skin?
Katrina C.
How is this primer compared to the one in a tube?
Sunniya M.
How does this primer do under mineral loose powder foundation? I have dry skin.
Emma T.
Is this product suitable for oily skin?
Karisa W.
So someone please please tell me... Is this really helping 30 and over women as myself with healthy and and clearer skin. Because being 32 and having a face full of break outs is definitely depressing HELP