What's your experience using this product The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2% Serum ?
Prospect Vale, TAS - il y a un an

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I use this one. But I use it only once a week. It makes skin too dry that's why I prefer to use just once a week.
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The derm I see said the ordinary retinols are no good, and to use differin instead
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I have been using this product for about half year now. So far so good. It does dry the skin out at first and I only use it every other day at night and apply my regular moisteriser over it to thin it out. I wake up in the morning feeling quite refreshed on the skin, slightly dry but nothing to complain about. No peeling.
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I have been using retinol serums/creams for year's. This brand is amazing. Retinol can dry peoples skin out and cause rashes. If you haven't used retinol before I suggest you start with the lowest percentage of retinol. Even the lowest version of this can aggravate the skin. Most of my friends cannot use any retinol products. Also to start just put a small drop in a simple moisturizer in your hands. Mix it, then apply it. See how it goes......and if you have used retinol before I've just wasted my time explaining this. 😂😂
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