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The Mindfulness Colouring Book

The Mindfulness Colouring Book


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Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults, a calming effect with a relaxed experience. Anxiety Relief Coloring Book for Adults : Mindfulness Coloring to Soothe Anxiety (Paperback) Color your way to calm with 35 soothing images for adults Coloring is an easy and fun way to practice mindfulness, effectively focusing your attention on the act of creating instead of your anxious thoughts. This standout among adult coloring books offers a beautiful collection of images to color, helping you achieve a state of calm and inspiring you to unleash your creativity in a mindful way. What sets this book apart from other coloring books for adults: Mindfulness basics—Discover what mindfulness is, why coloring can help you relieve anxiety, and two beginner-friendly mindfulness meditations to help you relax. Tranquil illustrations—Color organic patterns, peaceful scenes, natural objects, and calming landscapes that range from super simple to more involved. Shareable artwork—One-sided pages make it easy to tear out your artwork and hang it up or share it with a friend. Start alleviating stress and cultivating calm today with this top choice in anxiety coloring books for adults.
I absolutely love these adult coloring books. Not only are they a fun activity to do when you are bored but they are therapeutic and actually help with anxiety which I suffer from greatly. They have many different kinds. They all have such beautiful and unique designs. I recommend these to anyone!
Great way to relieve the stress or pass your time if feeling bored. Would definitely recommend it
When life gets hard…
See a beauty in little things! Be happy! Life is too short!
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