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This serum is more on this thicker consistency of serum. Has like a rice water smell to it. Niacinamide is good for oil control and help reducing acne. I haven’t seen a difference in either. In the future almost likely not re-purchase. I don’t need a dedicated serum for this ingredient
I learned about the benefits of niacinamide recently and bought this one because of it's price point. It really works to minimize pores and just overall smooth skin. It also prevents aging. The consistency is very smooth, not tacky like the ordinary serums. It has hyaluronic acid in it which helps it glide and absorb into the skin. I use this morning with vitamin c and night with retin-a with no problem. I just wish it came in a bigger size because I have to buy 2 at a time to keep from constantly replacing it.
My husband has acne prone skin and his job doesn’t help. This along with the beta hydroxy and an OTC retinol have made major improvement. He has oily skin and has noticed a difference with using this. Can’t beat the price!
This is amazing! When i started using this on my oily parts, the oilyness was less visible! One down side is that the cap gets quite crusty.
Très bon, ma peau le tolère bien aussi. Je l’utilise le soir et au réveil ma peau est moins irritée avec moins de rougeurs. Je recommande ce sérum à 💯 %.
I didn’t really notice a difference in my skin after using it. It feels thick I on the skin but it just didn’t work for me. I tried different niacinamide products and none of them worked for my skin so far.
It’s alright… works great if you combine it with a salicylic cleanser (for acne prone skin). However I do find it quite small and for that price I can get the ordinary serum for the same price and in a bigger size. It didn’t really make a huge difference on my skin but some scars did fade away yes.
Really nice and hydrating. Leave glow on my skin and is a nice texture. Similar to snail mucin and good for any skin type!
I have used this serum for almost 6 months and while I don't get acne very often, I do get the occasional pimple that often leave dark spots. Since using this product, my dark spots have faded almost completely and it helps keep my oily T-zone in check.
This helped so much w scars and hyper pigmentation this product is so amazing paired with the salicylic acid cleanser!!!