I really love the styles they have especially for the girls , but the prices sometimes seem too much .. how can I get the best deals ?
Oak Lawn, IL - il y a 3 ans

4 answers

They have good deals. Subscribe to their email list and you'll be notified when they have sales and you will receive coupons too.
il y a 3 mois
Always [email protected] their sales, and like the other comments say take advantage of there reward program. However I always shop during the sales
il y a 2 ans
There are some seriously solid ways to consistently save almost 90% on every single purchase at The Children’s Place 1 only shop during place cash promotions. During these events, you’ll get one $10 Place Cash voucher for every $20 you spend. Place Cash is a $10 voucher you can redeem later on (like Gap Cash). But first, sign up for the free My Place Rewards program to earn one point for every $1 spent. You’ll get $5 Rewards Cash for every 100 points you earn, plus birthday month savings for each of your kids. 2. Shop at the very beginning of the Place Cash promotion. 3. Buy sale items to earn Place Cash, then redeem Place Cash on regular-price items. Always shop online for the biggest discounts and selection! Also you can register your kids birthday so you will get 30% on their birthday 🎂 [user:Nadya] S #influenster
il y a 2 ans
Shop only on sale times, they do it pretty often. Sign up for the email list too. They tend to send coupons.
il y a 3 ans