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The Big One Fleece Blanket
The Big One

The Big One Fleece Blanket


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Every year in the fall The Big One Fleece Blankets go on sale at Kohl’s for under $9.00. They normally run for about $27.00 so getting them on sale is an awesome deal. I purchase one for every year for every family member. I have ones that are almost ten years old and still look new after being dirty, spilling liquids on them, dragging them on the floor and letting my cats sleep on them. They are super durable and come in so many different patterns. They also make them with Disney characters on them. The quality is always top notch and they are so warm to sleep with. Everyone in my family loves them and knows to expect them every year for Christmas. They also make great gifts for friends and gift exchanges. I will continue to purchase these every year. I would totally recommend purchasing The Big One Fleece Blanket.
I cannot believe I hadn’t bought one of these blankets sooner! This is the softest blanket I have ever felt before. There’s so many cute designs. This one is Texas Margarita. I love the size it’s perfect.
The BEST blankets!! I own probably 20 of them. They are the cutest, with so many different colors/patterns to choose from. They even make character ones for the kiddos! And these blankets are so durable too! Some of mine I have had for YEARS - been spilled on, washed, dried, dragged around by kids - and they still look new. My 5 year old is such a blankie boy, and it is a tradition that I get him a new one every year for Christmas. You can get them for a great price too if you shop the sales at Kohls. Sometimes you can get them for under $20. Everybody needs one (or 12) of these in their life!
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