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The Bakery At Wal Mart The...
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This French stick at Walmart bakery is actually really very good. I like it just as it is or heated up in the oven for a bit of a crunchy experience. Such a delight with some lasagna or spaghetti. I have made sandwiches with it that were out of this world. You cut it to your desired thickness so you can have the biggest sandwich with lunch meat, sliced tomatoes and mayo, the possibilities are endless. You can't beat the price either. It's a win in our household when we have white bakery bread. #influenster #voxbox #foodie #walmart #bakery #oven #freshness #momlife #homemadegoodness
Say what you will about Walmart, but their quality is fine and their prices are helpful with inflation so crazy right now.
I was really surprised at how good this bread was! I buy it all the time now. It is great with just butter and it makes for great garlic bread as well. The loaf comes in a clear plastic bag that keeps it fresh. So good! I might get a nice fat loaf to go with my pasta this weekend..
I have been to France and have eaten actual good French baguette and I am telling you this isn’t even close, it is kinda gross and there is no crust, really not worth it
This bread is delicious it is always nice and soft I don’t think there is anything bad about it Nothing to improve it it met my expectations Yes of course I will buy it again.
Whenever I do shop at Walmart, I always stop by the bread section and grab a loaf of the garlic herb! Soo delicious thought could be a bit salty.. still tastes great and you can’t beat the price of $1! It satisfies my cravings and prevents me from eating unhealthy frozen garlic bread that I usually crave
[product:the-bakery-at-wal-mart-the-bakery-at-walmart-french-bread-16-oz] my famu6feels comfortable walking into our local market and knowing we're going to find fresh tasting Italian bread whenever we're I. The moon for a good sandwich or as part of our meal for the night
Love their French bread! I have family who also love it and buy like 15 loaves at a time lol. Great price and tasty. also sometimes gets discounted to 77¢ if you buy them close to expiration date.
Best bread to make French toast or any type of sandwich! And also at the price it’s an amazing deal! They always have it freshly baked at my Walmart!
Great tasting French bread though it isn't as thick as it used to be anymore and went up in price but still tastes good