Tea Tree Oil ? What do you use this for ? Curious on everyones go to
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It works great for cleaning cuts and wounds. It is also great at keeping bed bugs and lice away. Since it is an antibacterial and antifungal oil it is wonderful for acne and staph treatment. You can drop it straight on or mix it with a carrier oil.
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Its is great for helping in healing and cleaning out cuts and scraps. It is also wonderful for female hygiene. It works well in killing skin infections. And there are so many other uses as well.Tea Tree Oil
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I use it as a hair treatment for my dry scalp. Mix some with aloe Vera and a little olive oil, I use it to soothe my skin and stop ingrown hairs after shaving or waxing and I use it for my face after cleansing it doesn’t clog my pores and give me good hydration without a greasy feel.
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I used it on my skin to remove little sebum pimples on my arms and back.
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I use it in my hair. Mixed with other essential oils .
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