Tea Collection

Tea Collection

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I love tea collection clothes for my kids. The prints and patterns are unique and sweet without ever feeling gimmicky. I do find that their clothes tend to fade quicker than other brands after the same gentle washing. But the cotton is soft and my kids love wearing them.
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Well we ordered, then ordered again 2 days later. We got matching sets of things and today some of it from both orders is sent. We called and they ran out of half the stuff, and these are SETS ! We asked for a refund but they said we have to get it in (still not sent out) and then call (we were on hold 10 minutes almost today) and get a shipping label to return it. They offered free shipping on our next order, which is a great money saver for them, we will never be ordering again. They told us it is due to two big sales they had, meaning they can not handle orders for people, how do you not have a tracker for your inventory !Was hoping to get holiday shopping done, guess not
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5 / 5
Every night after the kids go to bed I enjoy a hot cup of tea and take a bath. It is a wonderful wind down after a hectic day.