What is the formula like? Is it drying? Transfer proof? Is it worth?
il y a 5 ans

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It’s very Matte. I’m not a fan of it. I don’t know if it’s the color I bought but it deft looks like crayon. Has a lot of pigment which is a good thing. They’re also good in price. The color I have is cheeky effrontee’ picara. It looks good as a swatch in my hand but not on my lips. It deft transfer prof but u must let it dry. I took this pic for u to see when I tried to rub it what it looks like. This is it dry. I
il y a 3 ans
I bought two in rebel and vixen. I love super matte liquid lipsticks and they do dry very matte so prime lips or moisturize. The color stays on for hours and the have some with fine glitter and you get 2 looks for $7 they have them at Walmart. Walgreen had them but only during Halloween
il y a 5 ans