So, just wondering if anyone has used anything from tattoo junkie??? Their lipsticks look anazing... online...but wondering if anyone has had a good or bad experience with them. Tattoo Junkee - Lip Paint + Lip Effects Past Curfew (pack of 4)
Fulton - il y a 2 ans

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They are surprisingly long-lasting (I find that many brands, such as Lime Crime, aren’t very smudge-proof at all, even if they are “long-lasting” of sorts). Just swatching this on the back of my hand stayed on for three days. And yes, I do wash my hands, ha ha. However, like all good long-lasting and smudge-proof lip colours, they dry out very quickly, usually making your lips look somewhat wrinkly. You could apply a special effects powder shortly after application of the lip colour (a sponge-tipped applicator might be more recommendable than your finger). Given your lips are already sufficiently moisturised/balmed, it will make the lipstick appear smoother and even more budge-proof. Additional tip: you may want to apply a gloss over it, which will even things out further and make them look less dry, though there’s always the risk of some smudginess, possible bleeding, and shorter-lasting colour. The colours are accurate and true to their packaging; they also look excellent blended, such as using a darker colour on the outer-lips, fading into a lighter inner colour. I know this was a late response, but hopefully it’ll be helpful advice for someone, somewhere. =)
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I have a collection of Tattoo Junkie Lipsticks and I absolutely love them..
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I have several of thier products and they are beautiful
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