tarte™ maneater lashes How do you guys take off the eyelash glue without damaging the eyelashes? Please share your secrets ❤
El Paso, TX - il y a 3 ans

3 answers

I typically get them a little wet at the band with either a nice micellar water or a makeup remover and use tweezers to gently remove! (:
il y a 4 mois
I use a makeup remover, my FAVORITE is Farmacy Beauty’s Green Clean & then I also use a makeup wipe. It is a little pricey BUT it lasts forever because you only need a tiny amount each time & I just use it for my eyes usually unless I do cake face for some reason. You can rub the green clean all over your eye get it in your eyes & it what irritate or burn. So i just rub my lashes with it then the same with the makeup wipe to get them off without ripping out my lashes. Also, you can try just apply then to you lash line instead of your lashes.
il y a 7 mois
What I do is use makeup wipes and I am very carful when I go over my eyes with them(:
il y a 3 ans