I am so in love with this palette but it looks small and thus doesnt seem like it's worth the $40. Should I do it? Is it worth it?
Ashland, PA - 2 years ago

7 answers

This palette is not small! Well worth the money. Plus its on sale rt now. Please get it! You will love it!
Salem, IN - 2 years ago
If your a girl like me who loves shimmer and glitter it is so worth it and sephora has it on sale for $30 right now!!! (Very pigmented)
2 years ago
this is the size compared to kvd shade and light. the pans are a great size to get brushes in because they are wide. you get a full size highlighter and ive nwver been so excited about a pallete, my husband even let me dab a bit of crystal on his eyelids because the glitter makes me so hapy
2 years ago
Very much worth it! There's a lot of product in the palette and there's no fallout.
Oshkosh, WI - 2 years ago
Completely worth it. It's so creamy and pigmented that you don't need to layer/bake it on. One swipe and it's good.
Grove City, OH - 2 years ago
The colors and pigmentation is definitely worth it.
San Antonio , TX - 2 years ago