Do you use your finger or a eye shadow brush to apply to your lid? Is the eye shadow good quality? Is it really powder-y like it requires a lot to stay on or have pigment?
2 years ago

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I find it to be easier to use my finger... I feel like i get more pigmentation when i do it that way.
Wilmington, NC - 2 years ago
For the shimmer/glitter shades I usually use my finger or I'll spray some setting spray on my brush before I go in to the color - that really helps pick up a lot more pigmentation!
Schoolcraft, MI - 2 years ago
I have never used my finger! I always use a brush!
Salem, IN - 2 years ago
I think using your makeup brush will do the trick. It's very pigmented so you don't have to work hard for them to stay on. With any eyeshadow it would be a good idea to use a primer first.
Murrieta, CA - 2 years ago
I do both but when I do a crease cut I use a brush. I love how rich and pigmented these shadows are. This palette smells so good. Lol
Chicago, IL - 2 years ago
There is only one matte shade but if I am going to be using this on my crease I use a brush. If I want to put it on my lid I either use my finger or the Maybelline Master Prime Prime+Illuminate and then the shadow with a brush. It's meant for metallic or shimmery shades and really makes them pop!
Windsor Locks, CT - 2 years ago
It's an amazing palette! I use my fingers for the shimmery shades just for a little more coverage but you can also use a brush! The highlight I would definitely use a brush. It's a little powdery but still very blendable!
Patterson, NY - 2 years ago
Brush for mattes, if the sparkle is not intense w brush I will use my finger to intensify it
2 years ago
these eyeshadows are very creamy and buttery, not powdery at all
2 years ago