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tarte Energy Lip Duo

tarte Energy Lip Duo


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[product:tarte-energy-lip-duo] is and was my all-time favourite! The cheek stain goes on in 2 seconds, gives it a quick buffing with a brush (my choice) and the perfect pink colour. You can build it up too. I have maybe 4 applications left and have not been able to find a replacement. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
Finally got around to tossing this duo in the trash... I bought it years ago because the concept of a gloss and cheek stain that would adjust to your pH and create a unique color sounded promising. But every single time, both the gloss and the stain would turn my lips and cheeks super neon hot pink (think Barbie corvette). It didn’t look natural, and it wasn’t a good look on me. I do give Tarte credit for creating a really cool product line, but this Energy Duo was a bust for me personally.
I love this product because it’s just mini amd everything that is mini it’s cute but on the other side it’s soo useful and i live how it looks on my lips
What is different from other lip balms? It has a very nice packaging
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Do anyone recommend this as a softer shade for a more natural look?
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How easy is the cheek stain to blend?
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