Does this moisturizer burn anyone’s skin? I tried a sample in the old packaging before Tarte’s class action law suit and I just received a full size in the new packaging. Is the new packaging the same formula? I’m really hesitant to try this again.
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This one didn’t burn my skin (but neither did the old formula)... however it’s just meh. Tarte continues to fall short for me. I think they’ve really let quality hit the back burner. I have tried their foundation, eyeshadow, lotions, moisturizers, primers and I’m underwhelmed by them all. They have sales all the time online and I always say “lemme try and see if maybe they can redeem themselves with this product- *add to cart*” and then I’m disappointed. I would be hesitant to try it if you had problems in the past for sure!! Try the new hydroboost neutrogena night pressed serum with hyaluronic acid cream. It’s such a good moisturizer and pretty cheap. You can get it at target, Walmart, ulta.
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