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Talenti Mint Fudge Cookie

Talenti Mint Fudge Cookie


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5 / 5
I tried to buy my man Nicks brand to be healthier. He took a couple bites out the lid back on the. Dig through the freezer til he found my hidden Talenti. Creamy and delicious minty goodness with fudge cookies in the middle
5 / 5
Ok- just to preface, I am a HUGE, mint chocolate chip, whip cream and chocolate sprinkles girl. So when I saw this, I almost squealed. Not only does Talenti make great ice creams but the layers in this gelato or just something else! I mean look at the brownie chunks, the hue of that mint gelato, the caked fudge layer. I’m not drooling, you’re drooling.
5 / 5
This stuff is seriously amazing!!! I don't even take my kids to Dairy Queen or any other ice cream shop anymore, We go to the grocery store and pick out a Talenti gelato. The mint fudge cookie is my favorite. It has 5 layers of delicious goodness. It is a little under $5 for the container, but I think it's worth it since we used to pay that much for a Blizzard anyway.

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