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T3 Featherweight 2

T3 Featherweight 2


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So I purchased one. I was not disappointed, it was the best hair dryer I've ever owned! It has several speeds and temperatures and I just love it! Highly recommend!
I’ve had mine for about a year and it’s already losing the ability to try dry fast. I don’t know how/if you can get the back mesh off to clean it, but im sure that would help
I have fine curly hair that gets frizzy easily if I don’t put my Pureology pure volume blow dry amplifier gel or Pureology texture twist reshaping styler in while wet or damp before it starts to dry. My hair has always taken a long time to dry, somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes. Not anymore thanks to my T3 Featherweight 2! I’ve cut down half my drying time since now it’s dry in 10-15 minutes, not including extra time if it's frizzy and I use my new T3 twirl curling iron or T3 single pass flat iron. I straighten it with 1 or all of my 4 round brushes: T3 Volume 3.0 round, T3 Volume 2.5 round, Scunci 1” round boar bristle, or Olivia Garden ceramic+ionic thermal oval brush. This hair dryer has a big motor which makes it a bit heavier than other dryers, that doesn't bother me. Another great feature is how quiet it is especially if you have a child's hair to dry like myself. Getting my daughter ready for school in the mornings can be crazy around my house. This dryer helps me with both time management and with its quiet engine, she sits still and lets me dry her hair without a fuss. This dryer surprisingly doesn’t get any lint trapped in it but can easily be cleaned as you can see by the pic I took but it doesn’t have a lint remover cap that will fall off like most. It also has a crazy long cord so you can easily move around in your bathroom or vanity area without the worry of putting stress on the cord or plug. The function of the dryer is more important but it's pretty to look at the Tiffany blue & shiny chrome finish.
Doo you like this blue dryer ?
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Hey there! I’m just wondering how hot this product gets & how it’s been for those with fine hair? Such a pretty dryer!
Anyone tried this dryer, is it worth the price ?
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