I’ve Been looking at these for quite so time. And debating if I should try the Anastasia water activates liners or the Suva brand?
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So I’ve personally never tried the ABH ones, but I own literally like 20 colors of the Suva ones & they are unmatched in terms of quality, color choices & formula. They are so easy to use & perform incredible. I’d definitely recommend picking them up!
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You have more choice with the Suva brand and the hydra liner palettes have 5 color instead of 3. I personally never tried the ABH ones but just for the choices of colour I went with Suva. They are selling different kind of brush to help you with the precision you want. Bought it and will buy again since I want more colors ^^
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I haven't tried the Anastasia ones yet but I did put a review of suva ones. It it also water activated and I bought them when they had sale. It's a little tricky to perfect it well at least for me.. I've only worked with it once but I do love the color.
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