Sunsweet Ones Individually Wrapped Pitted Prunes - 3 Packages (each package is 6 ounces) PLUS Our Prune Recipe E-Book (Downloadable)

by Sunsweet

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This bundle includes THREE 6 ounce packages of Sunsweet Ones Individually wrapped pitted prunes. Plus, we include access to our specially created recipe book called. "Recipes For Prune Lovers". You will receive an access code to redeem online. It is super easy and you can download it in seconds. The recipe book contains 20 plus prune-based recipes including appetizers, entrees, desserts and beverages. It's only available by us (RLP Marketing LLC) and only to our Amazon customers. Sunsweet Prunes are moist, juicy and full of nutritious goodness. Pop a few into your car, purse, or lunch. Your taste buds and body will thank you. Bite for bite better than fresh fruit. That's right, just one bite of a Sunsweet dried plum delivers more nutrition than any bite of fresh fruit. So move over fresh fruit while the once humble prune takes its place as nature's ultimate convenient and nutrient-packed snack. We select our very best quality, succulent California plums for our individually wrapped Sunsweet ones. When you need energy, antioxidants, potassium, fiber, or just an irresistibly delicious snack you can take anywhere...reach for Sunsweet ones. Great value! Order yours today and thanks for shopping!

GREAT VALUE - GREAT VALUE - This bundle includes THREE PACKAGES of Sunsweet Ones Individually Wrapped Prunes. Each package is 6 oz. PLUS - You get a downloadable E-Recipe Book!; QUALITY - Sunsweet pitted dried plums are plump, sweet, delicious and nutritious!; DOWNLOADABLE PRUNE RECIPE BOOK INCLUDED - Your order will contain a code for you to redeem "Recpipes For Prune Lovers" which is a copyrighted E-Book that we produced just for our customers. It is not available anywhere else. It contains 20 plus different prune-based recipes including appetizers, entrees, desserts and beverages!; CONVENIENT - Individually wrapped prunes can be placed in lunches, purses, cars, drawers, etc_; NUTRITIONAL Prunes are low fat and a great source of Fiber. Plus, you get the recipe book with all kinds of delicious recipes!


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