Sunny Health & Fitness Aerobic Step

by Sunny

Is This Your Brand?


The Sunny Health and Fitness Thigh Trimmer is a phenomenal exercise tool designed to provide the user with toned and sculpted thighs by means of simple easy to do exercises. A design made famous in the 1990s by actress Suzanne Somers the spring-loaded foam-covered loops provide repetitive resistance and help to tone and define muscle groups without requiring costly gym memberships or bulky exercise equipment. The lightweight and portable Sunny Health and Fitness Thigh Trimmer can be used anytime anywhere and on any muscle group. Use it while watching TV reading the newspaper or while surfing the internet and find yourself sporting shapely stunning thighs in no time. Switch up the exercise and use the Sunny Health and Fitness Thigh Trimmer to sculpt the arms abs chest and even the upper back with its unique design there's nowhere on the body this amazing product won't help you tone. Lightweight and portable. Requires no batteries or adaptors. Foam padded loops for comfort.


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