Is this monitor worth price? Good quality? Anybody have this and tell me from personal experience?
Kennewick, WA - il y a 5 ans

1 answer

We got ours on Black Friday last year from Babies R Us, and it was marked down quite a bit. The video quality isn't amazing, but it's good. Battery life isn't super long, so if you need to use it unplugged for very long,that would be a major con. It does have several pros, though. It's simple to setup and use. The volume and brightness of the screen have a wide range. You can turn the screen on and off by just pressing a button, but the sound stays on, so you don't have the screen on while you're trying to sleep. I gave it 4 stars overall. Satisfied but not amazed. Definitely worth the price I paid for it though.
il y a 5 ans