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Hair Straightening Brush -Professional Flat Iron Brush With LCD Display

Straight&Shine Hair Straightening Brush -Professional Flat Iron Brush With LCD Display

by Straight&Shine

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Tired of curls and frizzes while wanting flat, smooth, and silky hair? CHECK OUT STRAIGHT N’ SHINE’S STRAIGHTENING BRUSH! ~ INSTANT HEAT AND LOCK - Heat up to a maximum of 450F in 90 seconds! Once the brush reaches the setting chosen, it will lock the buttons and stay at that temperature, shutting off after 30 minutes if unused. ~ UNIVERSAL ADAPTER – Switch the heat selection from Fahrenheit to Celcius with the click of a button. Being UL and ETL certified, its 110-220V options work anywhere. ~ LED SCREEN DISPLAY - Choose the desired setting for the brush. The red numbers on the screen will blink while heating; when it reaches the desired temperature, the numbers will be solid. ~ FIRMLY ATTACHED HEAT INSULATION TIPS - Our attached tips prevent your scalp and hair from getting burned, giving you the ability to straighten your hair from the roots to the tips. SIMPLE STRAIGHTING HAIR INSTRUCTIONS: * Use this product on dry, clean, and moist-free hair. * Adjust the heat setting (250℉ for fine hair to 450℉ for thick hair). * Use the brush and comb by sliding them slowly along the hairs, allowing the ionic steam to condition the hair. * When styling, use brush strokes beginning on the outward layers of your hair going inward, starting at the roots and working your way toward the ends. This Hair Straightener Brush makes a great gift for those who like to have smooth hair wherever they go. Click the "Add to Cart" button and enjoy having flat hair with the Straight N’ Shine Straightener Brush! Package Contents: 1 x Brush (12-by-3-by-2 inches) 1 x Comb (9-by-1.5-by-.5 inches) 1 x Storage Bag (14-by-5.5-by-.25 inches) Gift Box (13-by-5.5-by-2.75 inches) Instructions with Warranty Card


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I want to know if this really works. More importantly does it take longer to straighten than with a regular flat iron? The process seems like it would be less damaging on the hair, but I don't want it to take much longer!
I have been looking for a good flat iron for years! My hair is really thick and I some times have to use a pressing comb to get it really straight from the roots! Does this flat iron brush get your roots and edges straight like the rest of your hair? Is it quick? Looking for something that works fast but will still look great?