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Sarita  E.
  • I haven't been able to find these ice-creams in years in the area where I live, but I remember hands down that Java Chip was definitely one of my favorite flavors! in 61 reviews.

  • Tiffany N.
  • When I'm craving the coffee taste but want something with more texture than my usual iced white mocha or caramel macchiato, I always go for one of these. in 27 reviews.

  • jamie c.
  • I love coffee and have tried other cheaper options when it comes to coffee flavored ice cream and I have to say Starbucks is much tastier. in 20 reviews.

  • Ye-Jin H.
  • The Java Chip flavor has a strong coffee flavor, but it still has the chocolate chips or java chips to balance it out. in 7 reviews.

  • Tish D.
  • What's even better is that Starbucks has great recipes that you can do using this ice cream. in 7 reviews.


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    Nicole C.

    2 influensters found this helpful

    My favorite flavor is the hot chocolate one. It is soooo hard to find. They have a tracker on the website to see where it is carried and it's no where to be found in a 200 mile radius. The vanilla bean is also good, but the flavor is not as special since other brands also make vanilla bean ice cream. The hot chocolate flavor has a smooth and super chocolatey fudge in it.

    Lauren T.

    1 influenster found this helpful

    Im really not a huge ice cream fan (i have really sensitive teeth) but i LOVE this ice cream.
    ALthough it is REALLY fatty and has a TON of sugar they have convenient 1 serving sizes you can get at the market. Most of the time it is 10 for $10, not bad at all.
    I know i can just eat one without over indulging.
    If you like the coffee youll like the ice cream.

    Renee B.

    1 influenster found this helpful

    I don't normally like coffee flavored things, so when a friend bought me Java Chip Frappuccino Ice Cream, I wasn't expecting to like it. Like? I LOVE this stuff. In fact, the rich coffee flavor with just the right amount of chocolate is so good, this is literally the only ice cream I buy now. This is the only stuff "worth the calories".

    Tandi V.

    1 influenster found this helpful

    This ice cream combines my 2 favorite things: Ice cream and coffee. The Mocha Frappuccino is AMAZING!!!!! It's so good that I don't even share...lol It's not too over powering. It has the perfect mix of coffee, chocolate and other flavors. This is a must buy if you love the Starbucks brand coffees.

    Arely D.

    1 influenster found this helpful

    When I found out about this ice cream, I freaked out!!! I LOVE Starbucks so much so i had to go to my local grocery store. When I went, they only had the "caramel macchiato" one, it sucked but I mean at least they had some right? When I got home I tried the ice cream & its was delicious! I recommend !

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    Emily  S.
    Emily S.

    Does this taste anything like the actual Starbucks coffee or is there a different flavor?

    3 answersJun 16 - 2015 - 6:04 p.m.
    Yeskleiry T.
    Yeskleiry T.

    recommended flavor for this ice cream? I've never had it!

    9 answersFeb 17 - 2015 - 2:24 a.m.
    Charissa C.
    Charissa C.

    Where can I buy some and what kinds of flavors do they have

    1 answerOct 14 - 2014 - 9:03 p.m.
    sophie P.
    sophie P.

    what is the best flavor?

    6 answersNov 15 - 2013 - 7:07 p.m.
    Yazmin G.
    Yazmin G.

    Omg I need this were can I buy it?

    0 answersAug 28 - 2015 - 12:50 a.m.
    Hailie D.
    Hailie D.

    does anyone know.where this can be purchased? i used to be able to purchase it at walmart, fred meyer an couple other local grocery stores... however i havent been able to.find it anywhere

    0 answersAug 22 - 2015 - 1:26 p.m.
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