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Sprint Nextel


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Sprint Nextel
Sprint Nextel
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  • "Customer service in big cities is the worst I did find that when I like on an island town the small store there was helpful but not anywhere else." in 130 reviews
  • "Now I hve the iPhone 6 plus and Sprints iPhone for Life plan that makes my service $50 a month with unlimited data, texting and calling." in 63 reviews
  • "The only problem I had with them was dropped calls and couldn't get service sometimes but their plans are way cheaper than most places" in 30 reviews
  • "I was a customer at Sprint for almost 10 years and at first it wasn't that bad, but after the satellite crashed a few years ago the service/reception hasn't been too good." in 20 reviews
  • "Sprint in store customer service has always been speedy for me, however their service isn't always the best when it comes to cell phone reception." in 19 reviews
Rhonda M.
366 reviews
Techie Expert Level 1
I have been with Sprint over 20 years. I was given the opportunity to join Sprint because a neighbor of mine was a district manager. She offered to put me on her family and friends plan. I had told her when she offered I appreciated it but I had to stay on then Cingular / AT&T because that’s where my family was. Back then it was where you needed to be on the same network so it would be free mobile to mobile. She offered to move my whole family and she did. OMG I was so delightful and appreciative. My bill was insanely cheap. I had truly unlimited data, unlimited calling, free mobile to mobile, free and unlimited minutes to landlines. The package was incredible it was an employee plan. When you called in you got your own department to help you. Less wait and more quality customer service because I was on the employee plan they treated me so respectful. Now, there were some hiccups. (It wasn’t all puppies and rainbows). When we needed new equipment or troubleshooting we couldn’t just walk into a sprint retail or corporate store my neighbor had to do everything for us. That was difficult the first few years. Then we saw some improvements and were able to do it ourselves but had to call into sprint to handle it. We also dropped a lot of calls. We did have to have a free airwave installed in our home because we couldn’t even get a signal in our house. We went through whatever we had to because at the end of the month Mama loved her cell phone bill. My son loved that from the age of ten he had unlimited text messages. I told everyone I knew if I dropped their phone call I would evidently call them back. I apologized before conversations got too involved because it pretty much happened every time. I got aggravated sure but I would laugh every time I wrote the check for our cell service and knew what my company paid and all my friends. I mean it was so incredibly cheap. My family did not appreciate it as much as I did so most of them have left. Well actually they all have. The only ones left is my husband, my son, and me. My neighbor also changed jobs along the way and she’s not even on the plan. Sprint gave me a new option to keep everything I had it went from an employee plan to SERO plan. A separations employee relations operation. I got to keep my price I was grandfathered in and I stuck it out. Things really improved over time. I even signed up for the iPhone forever plan. I’m pretty sure they were possibly the first to come out with that. They still have the best program for that. Just like they still have true unlimited data. Others claim to but they are telling stories. So with the advanced technology with the actual equipment and WiFi calling I never dropped another call. My phone would just pick up WiFi calling when signal was low and I would be able to complete my calls. I was a happy camper really cheap bill and I got all kinds of improvements just by the incredible equipment of the ever super technical iPhones. I’ve found that iPhones are good one release and then not so good the next. It picks back up every other release. It reminds me kinda like elementary school. One year you learned, the next year you reviewed, then the following you would learn again. Anyhow now I’m stuck. Sprint services have failed me again. I can’t hardly pick up data without a WiFi connection. That means if I’m in my vehicle I couldn’t really use my phone for gps because the cellular data has gotten really bad the last couple of months. I actually thought something was wrong with my phone. Apple swapped it out for me and I got a brand new one. It was what I’m finding out not the phone but it must be the service. I took my phone into Sprint corporate store and they swapped out the SIM card before I had Apple to give me another phone. Sprint said they showed no outages in the areas in which I travelled and couldn’t figure out why I was not able to have cellular data without WiFi. When I do get cellular data it is 3G. Do you guys remember how slow 3G is? Do you remember how the little download line at the top of your webpage would be loading and you would keep watching and watching and then finally your page would load? That’s what I am dealing with. It took over fifteen minutes today to find out something I googled. Fifteen minutes. I called Sprint on my way home. Now something I would like to add that has never changed in all the years I’ve had Sprint. Their customer service has always been superb when you call in. Maybe not as a walk-in in a store but on the phone they have always been great at least to me. I was told that Sprint is transitioning towers in my area as they are purchasing T-mobile. I was like 🤔. Then I really should be getting better improved cell data instead of none at all or 3G. I also realized that after several questions I had for the CS representative that she basically had no idea she was getting fed info that she passed over to me. She was still super nice but she knew nothing about the company in which she works for. I googled the info. I had to wait until I got home to a WiFi connection to do so but I googled it. It says IF the merger goes through it will take two years. Actually here’s what I found out. Can I make it living like this when I totally don’t mind dropping calls or losing signals but a girl needs cell data. I mean don’t we all? Here’s some of what I found out today. (Is the T-Mobile, Sprint merger still on track? Good question. Let’s take a closer look. It’s currently on hold at the FCC level. They have been getting major push-back from a variety of interests. So, what happens if it’s denied? Let’s take a look at what happens next for these two companies if this deal is not approved, and as we move into a 5G world.

Let’s pull the camera back and take a longer-term perspective on this merger, 5G and the changing industry. It took several years and several attempts. They tried and failed, time and time again. It never even got to the government level. Then, several months ago, T-Mobile and Sprint finally agreed to merge. This is as far as it has ever gone before.

Think about the wireless industry. The vast majority of market share is split among the top four national carriers, AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint. Over the last several decades, we have seen both AT&T and Verizon carve out the winning position in the competitive race.

T-Mobile and Sprint recovery in wireless

Several years ago, both T-Mobile and Sprint were dying on the vine. Then John Legere joined T-Mobile as their new CEO and started shaking up the company and inflaming the industry.

In recent years, T-Mobile has shown growth. They have done a great job with marketing. Their weakness, lack of spectrum. They don’t have enough wireless data spectrum. That will increasingly pinch their growth potential as the industry continues to move into the coming 5G world.

Sprint was acquired by Softbank with CEO Masayoshi Son. He hired Marcelo Claure to be CEO of Sprint. They tried several different times to stabilize the company and show growth. Sprint had a few good periods with growth, but they still struggle today.

Sprint makes lemonade out of lemons

However, Sprint has one very valuable thing. They have loads of wireless data spectrum. Since they don’t have as much retail business as AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile, Sprint is building their wholesale business. That’s smart. A way to make lemonade out of lemons.

However, the wireless industry is moving from 4G to 5G over the next several years and that is both the enormous challenge and opportunity. AT&T and Verizon are both fully prepared and able to take advantage of this new opportunity.

T-Mobile and Sprint however, both have a problem. Alone, neither of them have what they need. T-Mobile doesn’t have the spectrum and Sprint doesn’t have the cutting-edge marketing talent.

That seems to be on everyone’s mind of late. Together they could be a strong third place competitor. Separately, they will remain three and four and they will find it more difficult to continue to grow in the coming 5G world.

Could T-Mobile and Sprint really be leaders in 5G world?

They both talk about the role they will play in the 5G revolution. Frankly, I don’t get it. They both want to be players, of course. However, they won’t shake up or shape the industry in the same way as AT&T and Verizon will. They are smaller companies.

So, the bottom line question we face today: Will the T-Mobile and Sprint merger be approved or not? Will they be a strong third place competitor in the coming 5G world, or will they remain stuck in the 4G world?

If they are denied, they will find it difficult to grow and compete in the new 5G world. Then again, this merger has been tried so many times before it makes your head spin. If it is denied today, I believe they will continue to try an merge again, and again, and again, until it finally happens.

I don’t have an answer yet. It all depends on what regulators think and what they do with the merger. Will they look backwards to 4G or forwards to 5G? So, we’ll just have to sit back, wait and see. But this is an interesting new chapter in this very long story of M&A for both T-Mobile and Sprint.)
Nicole Z.
Morning View, KY
205 reviews
Techie Expert Level 1
DO NOT USE SPRINT. I don't care if you have no other option than to use a carrier pigeon to communicate with people, DO NOT USE SPRINT. IT IS NOT WORTH IT.

I really, really don't like making negative reviews like this, but my family and I are fed up. We have been Sprint customers for 19 years, and we continually get treated like garbage by its customer service.

My dad called Sprint to cancel a pocket WiFi that he no longer needed and to know the contract term date for a phone. He got a hold of "Liz." She had severe difficulties with understanding English, which made it difficult to communicate the problem effectively. She argued with my dad that the phone number he was looking for was not under his account when, in fact, he was looking at that exact phone number on his account online.

After several times of her telling him that it was not there, he asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that the supervisor was not available. He then asked about canceling the pocket WiFi and he was disconnected (hung up on).

He called *2 for a second time, deciding to only work on cancelling the pocket WiFi. He spoke with "Michael," who also had a difficulty with understanding English. The customer service representative disconnected (hung up on) my dad when my dad asked to cancel his pocket WiFi.

My dad then called *2 AGAIN (for a third time) and got a hold of "Ashley." She thanked him for being a Sprint customer since 2002. He politely, respectfully complained to her about the disconnects, and she replied, "I will get your problem fixed." And then he was disconnected (hung up on) again.

My dad called back for the fourth time, and when he went through all of the prompts, it was 12:04 p.m. EST pm. After being on hold for a long time just trying to speak with a representative to solve his problem, he discovered that they were closed.

Since his problem could not be solved over the phone, he drove to the Sprint store, which is 30 minutes away. The physical stores are nightmares. There is never a clear cut answer to anything. You have to jump through so many hoops to do what you came there to do, and the lines are always ridiculously long and slow.

After waiting in a very long line, he asked the male employee at the counter about cancelling the WiFi. The guy told my dad that the WiFi cannot be cancelled in the store and he must cancel over the phone.

My dad explained about the disconnects and even tried to give the man the physical pocket WiFi back to him because he wanted to cancel the WiFi.

My dad was told to call the Sprint landline phone number, which was a number that my dad had already used to call before he ever went to the store in the first place.

The employee said that they don't close, which contradicts what my dad was told over the phone, and then said that my dad can bring the old WiFi back after he calls the Sprint phone number because the WiFi has to be cancelled over the phone.

My dad called the number again. He talked to "Annie" and begged her not to disconnect him. She then proceeded to disconnect (hang up on) him.

He drove 30 minutes back home and is now actively looking for a new carrier. No one should have to go through all of that just to cancel a service, which was the pocket WiFi in this case.

After reaching out to the SprintCare Twitter, they finally told me that they would call my dad about his experience. Every time they called, they were speaking so quietly that he couldn't hear them & when he asked for them to speak up, he got hung up on!

Finally, after two different times that that happened, one customer service representative actually spoke up when he asked them to speak up so that he could understand her. When he asked her for a reason that he should stay with Sprint after all of that mess, she offered him $15 credit. $15 CREDIT?!?!?! He told her that that was an insult after all of the headache that he went through, being that he has been a customer for nearly 19 years. He told her that he would be switching to another carrier.

She scheduled to call him on Tuesday, Aug. 21 at 10 am to help him finally cancel the stupid pocket WiFi, like he wanted to do from the very beginning. But guess what! THEY NEVER CALLED HIM ON THAT DAY. They did not follow through on what they promised, which is just the cherry on top of this whole mess.

I do not recommend them whatsoever. Don't waste your time and energy. At this point, I don't care that I was grandfathered into Sprint's unlimited data plan. It's not worth it.
Rachel S.
Hoover, AL
345 reviews
After years of having Sprint, I’m done. There are no perks or incentives for being loyal to this carrier for years. Every time I go in for an upgrade, it costs me $200+, always being accused of damaging phones or being charged random fees. I had gone to sprint one time to upgrade my phone because it was having internal problems causing my phone to have spasms, call or text random things etc. and being told that I caused the damage to my phone and was charged $100 on top of the $200 to upgrade. The coverage sucks whenever I leave the state. You can’t use google maps, receive text messages or do anything on your phone unless you are on the WiFi. And lately, my phone bill has been outrageously high without any explanation of why on my detailed bill. I’m done Sprint.
Raven M.
260 reviews
I’ve been a loyal customer to Sprint for more than 6 tears I mean years. I think that Sprint could definitely do a little better with their prices and affordability considering they charge you all these hidden fees. I have had instances on my bill where I’ve paid $400 then the next month they say I was overcharged and I only pay $150 then the next month it’s ridiculous again. I want to love this company because I love the unlimited data and the hotspot included in my family plan, but the service is so spotty and random. Also, succeeding with customer service... forget about it. You’ll just hang up with a headache and bad mood.
Ami H.
Des moines
81 reviews
Not a hugh fan of sprint. They charged me for stuff that wasnt even on our phones and then when i paid them every month my bill was still at 500. The bill never went down and it was super annoying so i quit paying it. Already paid a couple hundred and its wad still stuck at 500.
Sarah R.
Wilmington, DE
23 reviews
Sprint is the worst service I've ever had. Their customer service is a maze of unhelpful staff members and their phone connectivity is spotty at best. I recommend going with Verizon. I can't wait to switch back to them! NOT WORTH ANY OFFERS THEY MAY HAVE!
Stephanie s.
Houston, TX
96 reviews
I am not pleased with sprint whatsoever. I live in the Houston area even considering the fact I live right in the city I don't get service hardly at all. It drives me insane. I used to live in the country and we had to buy a rave to make it work, understandable it's the country, but the city? Come on now! You should have towers in the city and work pretty good. I am not pleased and when my contract is up I am switching.
Angela R.
209 reviews
Been with sprint for years . Service is good where we live and price has always been reasonable. But hate they changed phone upgrade to month payments instead of discount price on buying upfront. Plus they upgrade us on a promotion then didnt give us promotion price. They've changed alot in last few years and not for the better. Only reason staying is plan is cheaper than any others around our areas.
Theresa D.
Charlotte, NC
493 reviews
Techie Expert Level 1
Actually happy to see their name, generally I am not. I've been with sprint for years, the only reason I am still with them is their unlimited Data and my grandfathered plan. Once they force me to change that, I'm gone. They have HORRIBLE customer service. Their coverage areas are horrible, even when I'm supposed to have 4glt. I dont
Kait M.
82 reviews
Techie Expert Level 1
Sprint is absolutely garbage. They charge way more than they should for the service they provide. The service is terrible. It shouldn’t even be offered in certain locations. I had it before and I couldn’t even get reliable service in my own home. The connect sucks. And I was damn near paying $140 a month for one line and I had my own phone so it wasn’t like I was paying off a phone or anything. I am far more happy with my Verizon.
The only thing going for sprint is that it Sponsors Pokémon Go.
Melissa S.
Laredo, TX
123 reviews
How happy are you with your SPRINT service, what could SPRINT do better?
Christine T.
Staten Island, NY
196 reviews
How would you compare this to AT&T or Verison?
Mechele O.
65 reviews
Techie Expert Level 3
How long have you been a Sprint Customer? I've been with them for about three years now.
Jasmond W.
Arlington, TX
157 reviews
Sprint or At&t?
Kaylee B.
Vail, AZ
3 reviews
Sprint, AT&T , or version ??

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