I’m really debating buying this product but I’m not too sure! Has anyone used this product that would recommend getting?
Victorville, CA - il y a 2 ans

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I’ve tried several brushes and this is my favorite. The anti microbial brush head, speed settings, and the additional brush heads make it well worth it.
il y a un an
I bought mine three years ago, I spent about $80 on it and have no regrets! Love mine and it’s never given me issues
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I bought it a week ago on Ulta since it’s on sale! It’s the first facial brush I’ve ever used and wowwwwww has it helped my skin in such a short amount of time. I have changed a couple other things in my skincare routine- so I’m sure it’s just a part of it- but still! I usually would wash my face by hand and then when I used my toner with a cotton pad some extra makeup would still come off. This thing really gets everything off of your face. I also use the second head for getting oils/serums to absorb better! Now that I’ve used it, I don’t think I can ever go back to washing with just my hands. And I’m new to all this skincare hype.
il y a 2 ans