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Philips Sonicare

Sonicare HX9000/03 Charging...
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I’ve been using the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean for over two years now and I’m still not sure it’s the perfect toothbrush. As far as looks are concerned this toothbrush has a very sleek design. It feels good in your hand and it’s easy to keep clean. The toothbrush comes with several nice accessories, I especially like the glass cup as that always stays on the bathroom counter and that’s where the toothbrush gets stored when I’m done with it. There is also a very nice case that comes with the Sonicare that is great for travelling. For charging the Sonicare there are several options. It comes with a chrome base that you can use with the cup or with a separate charging accessory that sits on the base. Also the USB travelling case that is included can also be plugged in to your computer so the unit can charge that way as well. This is definitely a technologically advanced toothbrush. I wouldn’t even begin to guess what could me more futuristic then the Sonicare as far as brushing your teeth goes. My first few times using the Sonicare were honestly a bit frightening. The vibration feels like it shakes up your whole mouth and that you might accidently chip a tooth. Because of the price of the unit I thought I better make sure and give it a chance. I would say that it took about two weeks to get used to the feeling. As far as cleaning goes it has 5 cleaning modes that vary in length of time. Mostly I just use the “clean” mode. I was using the “white” mode but I was finding that mode took too long for me. Now that I am used to the extreme vibration I do feel like it does give your teeth a nice clean feeling. I actually don’t notice the vibration any longer, it just feels normal. On the rare occasion that I use a manual toothbrush I feel like it isn’t enough anymore. I really like the way my teeth feel after using the Sonicare. As far as the whiteness of my teeth I am not sure if the Sonicare has made them whiter. To be fair I do periodically get my teeth whitened so I can’t judge the effectiveness of just using the Sonicare for whiter teeth. I also find that I am replacing the brush heads about every 6 months. The brush heads have a blue indicator on them and when the blue fades it’s time to get a new brush head. What I don’t like about the Sonicare. Yes there are a couple of things. I don’t like that I can’t just shut the unit off when I want to. Once you have started in a certain mode, pressing the power button only changes you to a different mode, it doesn’t power off the toothbrush. A few times my toothpaste has just vibrated right off the toothbrush as I couldn’t shut it off. The power button only works once you are well in to the cycle of that mode and only have a few seconds left of that particular mode. One other thing I don’t like is that it takes a long time to charge before it’s ready to use again. I basically have to charge it the whole day. If I use it that morning then by that evening I can use it again. Over time I have noticed that I need to charge it more often. Probably I am charging every 10 days and using the Sonicare twice a day. Would I recommend the Philips Sonicare Diamond clean? My answer is yes. In fact I just bought one for my partner. Like I said it does clean your teeth very well and ultimately that’s what we want in a toothbrush.
I wouldn't want another toothbrush I have had this for 6 years now and changing the brushes out its a great thing to have!
This toothbrush is really cool! I love that you can charge your toothbrush in its traveling case. Which is great for me because I'm on the road a lot and hate having to bring excess cords. Not to mention, it's a great toothbrush!
This case is perfect for the traveler out there it is perfect so your other products in your bag don't touch your toothbrush
Great toothbrush! I love it. I had really bad issues with my teeth and this was a life saver. It has changed my relationship with my teeth.
This case makes traveling super easy. It makes it easy to charge and store. I have not had any problems with this product
This product comes with two heads and is a good long term tooth brush also comes with a case.. cleans better then manual toothbrush
super sleek and handy! I have the black and purple one and I think it is very stylish. I only wish we didn't have to take our toothbrush apart to use it. Charges quickly and efficiently and is a space saver so what more can you really ask for in a case!
I use this case all the time when I travel. It makes packing my Sonicare Diamond Clean simple and it charges right in the case!
This is the worlds greatest toothbrush!! Without my sonicare brush, my teeth would not look as white as they do and I would not be my dentists favorite patient!! I love my travel case, I can always have my sonicare brush with me and charge it on the the go!!!