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Sol Cuisine Spicy Black Bean Burger Patties - 4 CT
Sol Cuisine

Sol Cuisine Spicy Black Bean Burger Patties - 4 CT


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Their new box looks great.Great to cook on the barbecue. I also cook it inside my air frier with some fries.I am new to plant based products and I love the taste of these burgers.
These veggie budgets are ok. The tastevis good but they are kind of small. These are not my favourite veggie burgers.
I recently purchased a 4 pack of these burgers and tried one last night.  As I started grilling one of the burgers I noticed my kitchen started to fill with the most amazing aroma.  I grilled the burgers according to the directions, 4-5 minutes on each side and while the burgers did stick to the grill a little (I should have coated my grill with non stick spray better) the burgers turned out amazing!  The are honestly the best veggie burger I've tasted and I can't believe that they were frozen to begin with.  As I was eating the burger it did fall apart a little as in a piece of corn or a black bean would fall out but I've yet to have a veggie burger where that doesn't happen.  They were on sale and my local grocery store and were $5.99 for 4 burgers which I think it very reasonable.  
Are they really spicy?
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