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SodaStream Soda Mix

BY SODASTREAM #35 in Powdered & Liquid Drink Mixes

4.3 out of 5 stars
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4.35 / 5 based on 1,774 Reviews

Product Description

SodaStream is the maker of a consumer home carbonation product. The device, like a soda syphon, carbonates water by adding carbon dioxide from a pressurized cylinder to create soda water to drink.

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SodaStream Soda Mix
SodaStream Soda Mix
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  • "The flavouring are the worst thing's, the taste was disgusting, but if you're looking for a way to quit drinking soda's please this will either make you or break you." in 407 reviews
  • "I am not a huge fan of sods because of the sugar content and other questionable ingredients but I love making sparkling water and infusing it with fruits!" in 79 reviews
  • "However, you have to use filtered water when you carbonate the actual water only because if you don't, the carbonated water that you make comes out with some kind of awkward but funny taste. " in 68 reviews
  • "What I really love is that it's so easy for my children to make their own drinks too and saves so much money from not having to buy beverages at the grocery store!" in 54 reviews
  • "I'm not a big pop drinker, but it makes the perfect soda water for adult beverages and the different flavors of pop i have tried were all good." in 43 reviews
Danielle K.
Annandale, VA
714 reviews
Foodie Expert Level 2
I remember these from the 80’s!!! My Mum brought me one second hand and it was such a treat!!!
We used to love the “Lilt” flavor which was big in the UK, it tasted of orange and pineapple.

The set up was initially expensive as you brought the soda stream, gas cylinder then various different flavors....and they weren’t cheap!

But then you could make lots of different flavors of soda as much as you liked and as often. You could get really inventive too and mix different flavors, which as a kid blew my mind lol.

The soda itself tasted like regular shop brought soda, I could never tell the difference.

I see they’re now becoming a thing again...! So would definitely invest in another for my little girl.

Oh and if you don’t want flavors, you could always make club soda and add a dash of lemon or lime to it!
Lynn B.
937 reviews
Foodie Expert Level 4
I wasn’t impressed with this product. I tried a few flavors, but they were disappointing. I’d rather drink plain carbonated water. It is mid-priced. It can be found in some stores. I wouldn’t suggest it.
Kimberly U.
8 reviews
Our Daily Green has blogged ad infinitum about the evils of beverages in plastic bottles, high fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients. The other day, in a moment of thirst, I purchased a plastic bottle of diet soda and thought, thank goodness my blog readers cannot see me. I cringed in horror at the health and environmental crimes I was committing, but wanted to quench my thirst. Thank goodness I live by the 80/20 rule and I cashed in on some of my 20. We're not aiming for no impact, just 80% less.

In our desire to reduce, reduce, and reduce, coupled with two teenagers, we've managed fairly well without soda, but it still makes its way into the house from time to time. The evils of HFCS and artificial sweeteners drive the bulk of our decision, but even the wasteful plastic bottles from the seltzer water sat forlornly in our recycle bin. I tried heroically to ignore my gut instinct about why we should avoid plastic. Really, weren't we doing our 80%?

The empty plastic bottles stared at me week after week as we wanted to kick the seltzer habit. But a sense of entitlement crept in. We deserve an effervescent beverage, we miss carbonation! In a quest to see if what alternatives existed, we discovered quite possibly the coolest indulgence a green friend could ever have.

We discovered the amazing SodaStream. Yes, it is that fabulous. Let's start with the requisite disclaimer.
I had been eying the SodaStream for a while and decided to contact them directly, asking if they would be interested in a review of their product. They graciously accepted my offer for a review and sent me not JUST a SodaStream but an assortment of their naturally flavored soda flavors, for free. So that is the string attached to this review, but it is as honest and true as the day is long.

elegant, earth-friendly glass carafes
We love the SodaStream. The company sent the Crystal model, with two glass carafes, one pressurized can of carbon, five flavors of soda and 4 flavors of unsweetened seltzer flavoring. This product is unbelievable. No waste, lower cost, natural flavorings. No electricity. We took the SodaStream on a camping weekend with 26 folks total and it was a complete hit. The consensus was a resounding level of awe and enjoyment. The flavors were a hit as well as having less trash to haul from our cabin at the end of the trip.

From the SodaStream corporate site:
Crystal combines top-notch performance with sleek, earth-friendly design in one elegant package. SodaStream Crystal uses a stylish, cut-glass, dishwasher-safe glass carafe for carbonation, allowing you to prepare your favorite soda, and then serve it immediately to the table with class and ease.

The natural soda flavors we tested are pink grapefruit, lemon lime, black currant pear, apple mango, and orange pineapple. The unsweetened seltzer flavors we received were mint, lemon-lime, orange, and raspberry. Made from all-natural ingredients, new SodaStream Sparkling Naturals make great-tasting "better for you" sodas. Sparkling Naturals contain no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial sweeteners, and do not contain any preservatives, making them a perfect, sparkling, natural soda alternative for the entire family. Each 750ml bottle of Sparkling Natural concentrate will make 6 liters (approximately 25 8-oz servings) of all-natural soda. Coming in Spring 2011 also are natural cola, root beer and ginger ale flavors.

I am so excited about their natural soda... they are real sugar, real flavor, mixed as you wish, each batch fresh. SodaStream drinks are lower in sugar grams, sodium, and caffeine than all the national brand names of soda. For a complete comparison of sugar, carbs, and calories, click here.

Their diet sodas are sweetened with Splenda, if you need to avoid aspartame. Speaking only for Our Daily Green, we'd rather avoid sugar or sugar substitutes in any form, at least for beverages. We did tinker with proportions of the flavored concentrate and discover that about 1/2 the grapefruit concentrate is still a great flavor. However, by far, the plain soda water, flavored with unsweetened lemon/lime is our personal favorite.

We absolutely love the glass decanters, they are elegant, sustainable, and easy to wash and reuse. Carbon refills and soda concentrates are available at national stores like Macy's, Sears, Sur la Table, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Williams Sonoma or can be mailed in for exchange. Depending on the model of SodaStream, each carbonator makes 60 or 110 liters, equivalent to 170 or 310 aluminum cans. When empty, the carbonator is refilled and reused, ready to make more fizzy and tasty soda whenever you want it.
Don r.
San Diego, CA
3 reviews
Let's start off with the hardware. The machine is mostly plastic, but it appears durable. I'm a great abuser of products and I haven't managed to break anything on it yet. The bottles are of above-average plastic thickness, so they'll probably last as long as the company claims they will. The CO2 canisters are well made and the only disadvantage is that they're proprietary and need to be send back to Soda Club for refill. Use of the machine is so easy that it's trivial -- screw on a bottle filled with water, press the button, wait for a buzzing noise from the relief valve. It doesn't get any simpler than that. No electricity required and no mess to clean up. In short the hardware is a 100% win.

Now we get to the software (or maybe I ought to call it "softdrinkware"). In order to make soda / pop / "soft drinks", you need to use syrup which the company calls "soda mix". The company sells a variety of soda mixes in both regular and diet forms. As many people have noted, the regular mixes are actually hybrid mixes with 2/3 artificial sweetener and 1/3 real sugar. That's a real shame as choice has been taken away from the consumer in favor of a perceived health benefit by those who think they know better than you. My initial order contain five regular mixes: Cola, Orange, Grape, Root Beer, and Pete's Choice. Let's walk through them from best to worst.

Pete's Choice and Root Beer were both excellent. Pete's choice tastes like Dr. Pepper. Both of these mixes tasted as good or better than store-bought soda. There was no annoying aftertaste from the artificial sweetener. I'd highly recommend them and I expect that most of my refills are going to be these two flavors.

Orange and grape .... not so much. Fruit flavors demand a certain sweetness to taste right, and it just isn't there. The annoying artifical sweetener aftertaste is prominant among these two flavors although it's tolerable. They also don't taste that orange-ish or that grape-ish. I might try mixing the syrup in at double the amount next time to see if I can raise the sweetness and strength of flavor while hopefully not ramping up the aftertaste. I'm skeptical.

And then there's the cola mix. This has to be one of the foulest concoctions I have ever had the misfortune of drinking. It doesn't taste like regular cola. It doesn't taste like diet cola. The artificial sweetener aftertaste is overwhelming. It kind of tastes like the old diet sodas that would spoil after sitting on the shelf for 5 years. If I didn't know better, I'd think they'd mixed in some of that chemical is in cough syrup that makes you gag when you put it in your mouth.
Christy S.
West Bend, WI
8 reviews
Here is a review from my blog:

When I received my SodaStream (as a gift), I was amazed at the simplicity of it.
Setting it up was quick and easy, and making soda is even quicker and easier. All I do is fill the reusable bottle with water, screw it into the machine, and press the button a few times; voila! Instant carbonated water, which I can then choose from my collection of flavorings to add to it.

I received quite a variety of flavors. I needed to experiment a little bit at first to find my desired carbonation/flavor levels, but I’m starting to know what I like. Of the flavors I have tasted so far, Cola, Lemon Lime, Root Beer, Green Tea Pomegranate Peach, Cranberry Raspberry, Black Currant Pear, Orange, and Energy, there were only two that I didn’t like. Root Beer, because I’m picky about Root Beer anyway, and Energy, because I don’t like energy drinks. I didn’t expect to like the Cola, as I don’t usually like generic ones, but I enjoyed it just as much as Coke or Pepsi. I’m excited to try some of their other 100 flavors, and to try making some new flavors by mixing them.

I expect to use my SodaStream for a long time, and I’m confident that it will last. It seems to be very well-made and reliable. Getting replacements for the carbonator may seem like a hassle, but each one lasts through 60 Liters of soda. That means I only have to replace it once every 60 bottles of soda I make, which is a lot of soda for me. Considering replacements are about $5 with a trade-in, it really isn’t bad. Flavor bottles are also cheap and last a long time; I haven’t even come close to running out of any of them.

I honestly love everything about my SodaStream. The only negative I can come up with is the noise it makes when you push the carbonating button, almost like a buzzing. This wouldn’t be a problem for me, but it terrifies my one-year-old son. When I want to make soda, I just have Daddy bring him into another room first. He’s always a little wary when he sees it, but I’m sure he’ll get used to it in time.

The SodaStream may cost a bit of money, but it's definitely worth it. Not only in the money you'll save buying soda, but in the environment, too. This one reusable bottle will replace thousands of plastic bottles. And your body will thank you - using the "fruit Juice: or sugar free mixes are so much healthier than regular soda, and taste just as great!
Angel K.
102 reviews
I am going to be the first to admit that I wanted this from thr day I saw it because you cannot help but deny that it is like an easy bake oven for adults. There is just something appealing about it. Now that I have that out out of the way, I got anawesome deal on mine. In the Sunday paper, one office supply place will give you 20% off whatever you can fit into the brown bag. A second in town will honor that deal plus it was in sale there. I got the starter kit, sampler flavor packet, 2 liter containers and a CO2 cannister along with the unit. I have never been much of a soda drinker, but but other half is and he swears it tastes VERY, VERY similar to the name brand. My gavorite is the grapefruit rasberry and the flavored waters. I have had it about eight months and I am not the least bit disappointed. It is just as fun as I thought it would be and it has turned into a money saver as well. Each flavor container is $4.99 and makes 50 liter servings. I have only bought one CO2 cannister because it was on sale. The liter bottles, all you do is rinse, no dishwasher. Easy as pie!. I have not purchased a 12 pk of that name brand carbonated drink in eight months. Don't be afraid to add a squirt of CO2 if you find it goes flat a little sooner than you would like. I personally like the way mine tastes the day after I make it. Always keep a cool water filled liter in the fridge to whip one oup in a snap. Another great thing is there are all kinds of recipes online including one for champagne that I am dying to try!!! This is F-U-N, That means fun!!!! and I am not the least bit disappointed in my purchase in fact, everyone asks about it and I am a complete advocate. It saves money and its great great for the environment, not to mention the main test is that it tastes great. One other plus...it is easy as pie to clean up!! You can go ahead and justify that feeling that you want it to play with. It is like an easy bake oven for adults, but it is a great economical and can be a healthy choice as long as you don't sit and drink soda after soda! Give in, you wonn't regret it!!! I could not believe you could make soda out of regular water! It's like a science experiment that actually works!
Aly M.
Dearborn, MI
45 reviews
Here is my review from my personal blog:

If you’re looking for a smarter way to enjoy soda, then look no further than the Soda Stream. With the Sodastream, you can make carbonated water and soft drinks in seconds! The Soda Stream is the perfect way to enjoy a fresh drink in the convenience of your own home. It is good for your body, your wallet, and the environment.

Up for review, I received a Sodastream in Jet. The Jet Soda maker is becoming our new favorite kitchen gadget. We love drinking pop in my household, so when we learned that we could make our own using this Sodastream, we were very excited. The Sodastream we received came with a Soda Maker, Carbonator, a BPA free bottle, and a lot of flavors! The Sodastream bottles can be used for up to 2 years, so we are already reducing plastic waste by re-using the same bottle. Our favorite flavor of the bunch was the lemon lime flavor.

You can use the Sodastream to make sparkling water and soda, however we just use it to make soda. To use, simply fill up the Sodastream bottle with cold, tap water and place it in the soda maker. The Sodastream comes with a carbonator, which gives your drink the fizz you find in other soda products. Use the pump to add carbonate to your drink until you reach your desired fizz. For us, it’s usually about 3 pumps. Then, unscrew the bottle from the soda maker and add your favorite flavor, shake, and you’re ready to enjoy an amazing drink!

My favorite thing about the Sodastream is the variety of flavors you can choose from- over 30, including regular, diet, and caffeine-free options. And the best part is that these drinks are all zero calories! Each bottle of soda mix makes about 12 liters of soda (or 33 cans!), so you will be saving a lot of money using the Sodastream! We love our Sodastream and will definitely be choosing more flavors once we run out.

Disclosure: I received a product to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.
Ximena A.
Elizabeth , NJ
41 reviews
I love this thing! I bought it originally in order to stop throwing away so many plastic bottles (we're seltzer maniacs here).
* You can control the water source and filter it.
* You can control the fizziness (we're getting up to a level that boils in our blood for at least an hour after drinking it, but you can have a light Euro-water-style fizz as well).
* It's entertaining to use.
* It's better for the environment.
* The sound makes the dog get all wiggy, which is fun to watch. It sounds like a big raspberry when you fizz up a bottle of water.
* You'll probably be the only one on your block with a seltzer maker - it definitely spanks a bread machine.

I still haven't had to return the CO2 bottle, so I don't know how easy that's going to be. Delivery was slow but entertaining: about 3 weeks after we ordered, an actual Soda-Club delivery woman showed up at our door toting our new Soda-Club.

One caveat: the syrups are pretty revolting...at least the ones we tried. Plus, they all contain artificial sweeteners, even the non-diet ones. But we just add some lemon or orange essence (available in the spice section at your store) to pep it up a bit.

Also, if you go through fizzy water pretty fast, be sure to order two extra bottles. You have to chill the water before you fizz it up, so it's good to have a few in rotation.
Jessica N.
Fremont, MI
33 reviews
So obviously you're reading this hoping to understand why you should buy this product and why you shouldn't. And you've read a bunch of reviews and there doesn't seem to be a middle ground. Seem's either people hate it and tell you to beware, or love it and highly recommend it.... so you're confused....correct?
Well, read this review from someone who understand technological things and simply isn't some person looking to get soda for 10 cents per liter bottle. If this is what you're looking for, it isn't going to happen. At least not unless you own a carbon dioxide supply company.
So why should you buy this?
1. First off, it does work as advertised. Once you connect the CO2 cartridge, there's not much more to set up, other than put some water (preferably spring or filtered COLD water) in the liter bottles (or 14 oz bottles sold separately), inject the "proper" amount of carbonation into the bottle and then add whatever amount of flavoring you wish. I say "proper" amount of carbonation because the soda maker (at least the ones bought recently - I have the "Dynamo" model and this review was written in Nov 2011) will add carbonation to the point where the pressure will force the unit to make a sort of "buzzing" sound which indicates that the maximum carbonation has been added into the water, and the excess is being forced out to create that "buzzing" sound.
2. The ability to add carbonation up to the point where the SodaStream "buzzes" or "burps" brings up another plus. You can add less carbonation than the SodaStream maxes out at, in which case you won't hear the warning sound. But when you do this, you create carbonated drinks which have varying amounts of carbonation in them. If you desire less, you can make carbonated drinks with less.
2. The ability to add carbonation up to the point where the SodaStream "buzzes" or "burps" brings up another plus. You can add less carbonation than the SodaStream maxes out at, in which case you won't hear the warning sound. But when you do this, you create carbonated drinks which have varying amounts of carbonation in them. If you desire less, you can make carbonated drinks with less.
3. Flavors. A third plus. Yes, some people don't like the flavors that SodaStream provides. But these are the same people SodaStream were probably never going to satisfy anyway. SodaStream provide a bunch of flavors....cola's (diet/reg), Dr. Pepper-like flavors (diet/reg), Sprite and Sierra Mist-like flavors (diet/reg), Orange, Energy, Grapefruit, lightly flavored unsweetened "MyWater" flavors, etc., etc. The point is, as a 3rd plus, you can use their flavors or you can experiment and try anything you like that will flavor your soda. I use Mio water flavorings which provide excellent, low calorie alternatives. If you don't like their flavors, then don't complain and knock the technology. Be creative and leverage what the SodaStream gives you....which is convenience and flexibility/options.
4. Green. A fourth plus is that you refill plastic bottles espcially designed for use with SodaStream soda makers. Because of this, you don't buy cans or 2 liter bottles from the store, in some states paying a redemption free for the right to lug this stuff home, then drinking your soda and then accumulating all these cans and bottles to take back to a redemption center, or worse, throwing them away and filling a ton of landfills.
5. Health. A fifth plus...or at least it can be. People really shouldn't drink too much soda. At least soda with sugar in it. It leads to obesity, diabetes, etc. Yes... you can flavor water with stuff like Mio or add some juice from an orange or lemon. But not only does it not taste as good as a soda, you just know that flat water based drinks are missing something. And what's missing is that carbonation and the SodaStream will add that for you, and allow low calorie flavored drinks to taste better and be better for you!
6. Space. A sixth plus is space. That's obvious. You don't have all the bottles and cans sitting around, and the SodaStream unit only takes up a small amount of counter space.
7. Convenience. Yes you do save time and hastle from going to go to the store to lugging around bottles and cans of soda, this one is sort of a wash. See the reasons why you don't buy the SodaStream. But at the same time, those who claim that it's hard to find replacement CO2 cartridges, don't get out of the house much. In California at least, you can get replacements at any Staples, Macy's, Bed Bath and Beyond, Sears, Costco, and Target (to name a few). What may be issue is returning the unused cartridges, since not all stores that carry the cartridges, support sales and exchanges of the old cartridge. But what i do is simply collect the unused ones, and then periodically go to a store that does accept them.
So now lets address why you shouldn't buy the SodaStream. Or better yet, lets address why you don't buy the SodaStream.
1. To save money. While i know you will save money per liter, my feeling is that if that's the primary reason you're looking to buy the SodaStream, i don't recommend it. It's not signifant enough in my humble opinion, to warrant spending around $100 to $130 for a SodaStream unit, another $30 (minimum, less tax and shipping if you purchase the cartridges online).
2. Convenience. Despite the convenience "pluses" i mentioned earlier, as i stated, this is sort of a wash because you still have to go and return cartridges, and purchase syrup/flavoring, albeit less frequently than buying soda depending on how much you used to buying at one time.
Hope this information helps. One last note. In California where we have to pay a 5 cent redemption fee per can, this tilts the money saving and convenience to the "plus" side. A 24 pack adds another $1.20 at the cash register, and then you have to store the sticky cans and bottles until you can accumulate enough to make it worthwhile, to drive to the local redemtion center to get your cash back. That's incentive enough alone to purchase a SodaStream!!!
Sarah M.
Grayson, KY
57 reviews
I got the SodaStream this year and yes it does have it's pros and cons, but I will get into that in a bit. First of all a lot of people have asked whether they think it's worth the money - well that all depends on you - are you a big coke or pepsi fan and you just want that EXACT taste? Because if you do this machine might not be for you as the Cola flavor is not an exact dupe for either - I think it's somewhere in between. Also, if you get the naturally sweetened Cola it tastes a bit better. As far as my favorite flavors: They are lemon lime, grape, and orange. Also, the energy drink to me tastes exactly like Redbull. I solely wanted this machine because I myself love carbonated water - I spend a ton of money on carbonated water and soda and I wanted to make some that was a better alternative so I picked this machine up and I've not been let down from it. I will say that you can make it as carbonated as you want - I know it gives you instructions on how many pumps to put for soda, but really read the instructions well because one may say 3 pumps - and say for soda it might say 6-7 pumps. I always go for more of a super carbonated drink. I've saved money by using it and I'm really happy with it.
Laurie M.
119 reviews
Foodie Expert Level 2
What's your favorite soda stream flavor?
Scheniqua H.
Morrisville , PA
49 reviews
Foodie Expert Level 1
Is this over all cheaper than buying soda?
Erica C.
Springfield, MA
46 reviews
Foodie Expert Level 1
Where can you purchase this in stores?
Morgan L.
Blmngton Spgs, TN
125 reviews
Does it really taste like coke? sprite? so on and so forth?
Nicole E.
92 reviews
How many times do you like to carbonate it? I usually just do one or two pushes otherwise I think its too bubbly.

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