I heard many positive reviews about this butter so I would like to try this one and if any one have a review plz tell me ?
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It's a fruity floral, to me it smells like a little bit of rose, some vanilla, some lily, plum, and musk. It smells clean and fresh, but you definitely have "perfume" on already if you use it. I wouldn't layer it with anything else except another product of the same fragrance such as the scrub or the lotion or the body spray (which I would stear clear of unless you can unscrew the top and sniff it first) or a one note vanilla. As far as the performance, its a really good body butter. Doesn't take much, especially if you are right out of the shower. I love it and so does my daughter!
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i love this stuff, it smells amazing! it also keeps my legs moisturized for days! 10/10
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Same , I wannna try it
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