Does this smell good? Does is moisturize your body as well as it says? Is it cheep or expensive?
Green Bay - il y a 7 mois

4 answers

It smells lovely and it sinks into the skin easily and hydrates it
il y a 2 mois
A agree with @arc and @alann. It does smell clean, fresh, and strong. You ost likely won't need a perfume if you have used this. It does a good job moisturizing and you don't need a lot. It's a pretty good $15 well spent. Especially when soap and glory is on sale at target and goes for cheaper!
il y a 5 mois
I love the smell. It’s a fresh, clean scent. It runs about $15 for a large size tub, but it doesn’t take a lot to hydrate skin, so it would last a long time.
il y a 5 mois
It smells sweet and rich quite luxurious however it is quite strong (its up to personal preference). Its a great thick moisturiser especially for dry skin, and i think its worth the price tag because it takes a while to use up.
il y a 5 mois