Does anyone know what this smells like?
Garland, TX - il y a 7 mois

3 answers

Smells light and floral to me, I’m obsessed with the scent
il y a 3 mois
It has a mixture of fruity sweets and delicate rose but it’s not at all overpowering.
il y a 4 mois
It's a fruity floral, to me it smells like a little bit of rose, some vanilla, some lily, plum, and musk. It smells clean and fresh, but you definitely have "perfume" on already if you use it. I wouldn't layer it with anything else except another product of the same fragrance such as the scrub or the lotion or the body spray (which I would stear clear of unless you can unscrew the top and sniff it first) or a one note vanilla.
il y a 7 mois