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So Delicious Vanilla Bean
So Delicious

So Delicious Vanilla Bean


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This was a solid consistency but definitely tasted more like coconut+vanilla than just vanilla. Probably wouldn’t get again.
I used to eat Leto and still try to eat low carb mostly and this ice cream always satisfies my sweet tooth and is soooo goood!!
I really like So Delicious' dairy free products. My mom purchased this for me to have at Christmas, and even she loved it! This was surprising to me because she is usually very close minded when it comes to any of my dairy free foods. The subtle coconut flavour pairs very well with the vanilla. This would work well on pies, in floats, or paired with any other ice cream topping.
How is this ice cream is it a diet alternative?
Are there other dairy free ice creams that taste more like regular ice cream?
Does this taste better than the Mint Chocolate Chip?
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