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So Delicious Dairy Free
So Delicious

So Delicious Dairy Free


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I've been using this product for years, since it showed up on my food store shelves in NJ back in 2014. This company has an excellent formulator, because the products live up to the name!!! The milks, ice creams, creamers and So on are SOOOOOO Delicious!! I've never had any gastro issues after using this product, a ++. I'm a dairy intolerant, gluten free girl. The prices are good, products available in most places, and customer service happy to answer questions. GO GET SOME! Your welcome!!!
I’m a big fan of this line of Dairy Free products, they don’t taste over processed or fake and it’s a solid cooking substitute as well. It’s also nice to have a variety to choose from!
We really love the SO Delicious brand! Our go to is the coconut milk options. You know it’s good when the kids even like the different options they offer.
Have people tried the yogurt? I am trying to find a good alternative to Greek yogurt for my breakfast!
How do these taste compared to the real thing? I have to go DF for my baby
Has anyone tried freezing the coconut yogurt and then thawing it out again? I like to buy in bulk for my daughter since she she has food allergies and running out stinks. The stores near me are constantly sold out, so when I find it and they just got a shipment I want to buy a lot and then freeze some.
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