Mijal C.
asked a question about SKYY Vodka
Favorite drink to mix with?
Hallandle Bch, FL - il y a 3 ans

6 answers

Cranberry juice, lime and sprite. Also, orange juice Sprite and vodka is a screwdriver I believe and it’s delicious!! 
il y a 2 ans
I like a classic and no frills vodka, club soda(or naturally flavored), and a squeeze of lemon. Doesn’t taste boring to me and I get no hangovers the next day!
il y a 3 ans
Several options are available to you. You may add cranberry juice with a splash of sprite for a spritzer, any juice with a drop or two of lime will do as well. Experiment and enjoy!
il y a 3 ans
Call me simple and/or old fashioned, but I love a basic Vodka with cranberry juice and slice of lime.
il y a 3 ans
Pineapple juice or soda water.
il y a 3 ans
Other flavoured vodkas or strawberry banana juice!
il y a 3 ans