Could anyone tell me what the color of Lytera is supposed to be? I ordered some, and it has an unusual hue that is hard to describe (i.e., mustard with a slight purple tint?); I'm wondering if it is potentially expired or if this is the norm. Feel free to reply here or directly on Lovely with Lupus dot blogspot dot com Thanks! :)
Poolesville, MD - il y a 5 ans

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I bought this at my Derm’s office and it always changes color . I stopped buying it. I don’t know if I should still use it or not
il y a un an
When you just open the bottle, the colour is beige, it becomes mustardy when the product expires, I think it happens because of oxygenation
il y a 3 ans
It’s supposed to be an off white to a light beige shade. Any other color is counterfeit.
il y a 4 ans